"Not a whole lot is yet known about the darkly tinted electronipop act Kate Boy, except that three of them hail from Sweden, and one from Australia. Earlier this month, the group went from obscurity to growing concern when their track "Northern Lights" was suddenly spackled across the blogosphere with much ado. But the excitement wasn't for naught. The song and, by extension, its video (watch that below) are as subtly hypnotic as they are propulsively powerful.

Now we've got the promise of a full Northern Lights EP due January 22 via IAMSOUND (Salem, Lord Huron, Charli XCX), and a second song to hear, "In Your Eyes." While perhaps not quite as exciting as the Peter Gabriel cover we expected it to be, its subdued yet engrossing nature makes a case for Kate Boy being more than a one-trick pony. Mentions of the Knife have been pretty much unavoidable so far, though Jessie Ware and Little Dragon also come to mind." --SPIN

Young Heel (EP Release Party!)

In 2013, Young Heel closed off the outside world, delving deep into their personal inner- workings and the echoing clatter of New York City around them to develop a cohesive oeuvre. After a year and a half of intense musical refinement in a basement studio in DUMBO, the trio emerged, much like one seeing the Matrix for the first time, dripping in the amniotic fluid of woozy R&B and Jamaican dub.
!On their new EP entitled “Tuff," we have a strong sense of worlds lost, crawling among the interwoven negative space and threads of the band’s disparate influences. Based on the single, “Someone’s Touch,” it’s immediately apparent that this band has grown. Stripping away excess layers, and playing as much with the listener’s trust as with walls of arpeggiators and subterranean bass, Young Heel makes sure we know in the very first line of the record, “the only way out for us is to go further in.”


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