The Late Ancients

The Late Ancients

Born from the remnants of the Philadelphia based classic rock cover band, The Pitch, The Late Ancients officially formed in the Spring of 2011. Although a relatively new band, various members have been performing together for nearly a decade. The Late Ancients seek to merge psychedelic rock with blues and folk-rock to create an explosive sound, blended with rich harmonies, that is both classic and contemporary.

Close To Good

These are the central themes of the music of Close to Good: the Philly-based quartet of Carl, Dave, Rob & Kevin. A unique mix of heavy dance, jazz, dark, and 8-bit-nostalgia takes audiences to the lunar surface and back.

Over the past year, Close to Good has become most known for their high-energy live performances that deliver an aggressive burst of progressive dance-funk that often builds into a tightly composed tension-release, peaking in kick-driven melodic reprisals of their distinct central lyrical themes.

Their continually honed sound is beginning to find itself lying somewhere near the edge of space-time, transporting listeners to the buzzing land of Transylvania where the quartet is playing the anthem for the battle of the century between Dracula and Megaman.



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