Sheriff Ariff & The Wali Sanga

Sheriff Ariff & The Wali Sanga

A rotating line-up of funk, groove, and jazz musicians interpreting music by Alex "Sheriff" Ariff.

“Take care of the groove, and the groove will take care of you.” These are words bandleader Alexander “Sheriff” Ariff lives by. While studying jazz saxophone and composition at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, Sheriff Ariff slapped together a rotating cast of the best cats in town. From ‘07-‘10, The Wali Sanga grew as a fresh party band, blending funk, jazz, blues, soul, r&b and rock.

The band released their debut EP, “Sanga Sessions” in 2010 and relocated the the NY area. “Sanga Sessions” was tracked over many months reflects a wide pallet of groove—from skanking reggae to uptempo futuristic disco, see here. The band’s follow up live-tracked EP/video session captured the bands massive sound in a snug studio. “The Kraken” is a sensational energized piece of style, individual and collective soul.

Sheriff Ariff & The Wali Sanga, currently based in the NY area, grows with each gig. The collective band rotates from time to time, which has allowed the group to absorb musicianship and style from the USA’s greatest musical urban centers (NYC, Philly, New Orleans, Miami, Boston).



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