DJ Dog Dick, Selma Oxor, Extreme Animals, Ulises Zarazúa + Alberto Acinas

DJ Dog Dick

Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, SELMA OXOR relocated to Mexico City in early 2012 and began playing a string of shows and recording material for her new album, User 69, on the label Vale Vergas Discos. In the spring she performed at the NRMAL festival in her hometown alongside such acts as Grimes, Girls, AraabMuzik, Pictureplane, and Prince Rama. Her catchy mix of experimental and poppy electro punk along with an eye-popping stage performance caught the attention of many a festival attendee. She was subsequently invited to perform in New York City this November as part of the Celebrate Mexico Now festival in conjunction with Carnegie Hall's Voices of Latin America series

Extreme Animals

Years this prolific duo has released countless CD-Rs, tapes and videos and gone on self-booked DIY tours at least once a year, influencing a wide array of younger musicians, artists and video-makers with their unique combination of noise, dance music, and performance art.



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