Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas

Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas

“Jessica Hernandez is from Detroit, and by Detroit I mean Detroit, not its leafy suburbs. Detroit, the famously gritty city where musical magic happens, where soul music rocks, and rock music has an R&B foundation. The city where both "Going to A Go-Go" and "Kick Out the Jams" were written and recorded. And Jessica Hernandez is a proud carrier of that rich musical tradition. She's a rock'n'soul powerhouse blessed with an unmistakable voice and charisma to burn.” – When You Motor Away

“Jessica Hernandez and her Deltas had this interesting twist as the music they played was simply unclassifiable, and could sometimes take some bohemian-cabaret, or gypsy-jazz or even funky-bluesy-soul turn. It was always festive, with a dark side, and everything sounded authentic.” – Rock NYC Live and Recorded

Heavy Guilt

The Heavy Guilt is as much Americana as it is avant garde garage, as much folk blues as it is psychedelic indie stomp. It is six focused musicians, from varying backgrounds, translating their influences into a common language beneath the dim crimson lights of the stage. It is a sweaty driving catharsis, a train of thought bulldozing cross the tracks of rural America, it is a roadmap through the emotive wilderness, it is a collage put together by time worn hands, it is the sound and rhythm of a saturated city, it is the direction you take after last call. The Heavy Guilt is rock n roll.


Pomegranate is a three-piece band based in Oakland, California. Their music may best be described as alluring shades of darkness broken up by slivers of bright sunny pop. Renowned for their intense live performances, Pomegranate moves easily between heavy-hitting rock and intimate pop.

Early on Pomegranate attracted attention outside their base of the Bay Area when the influential college radio station KCRW in Los Angeles began playing the band’s first 7” single, which featured “Down Around Her Ankles” and “Wicked Wind.” Soon thereafter the band performed live on KCRW’s acclaimed “Morning Becomes Eclectic” radio show.

Pomegranate originally signed to the short-lived label Treat & Release Records , a subsidiary of A&M Records, which released their debut album “Don Ron.” Pomegranate released their second and third albums “Larry Lane” and “Outside of This” on their own label, Drainpipe Records.

Pomegranate’s latest release is the six-song EP “Ahead and Behind” which is also on Drainpipe Records.


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