Deptford Goth

Deptford Goth

Daniel Woolhouse describes his music as, “sitting somewhere between real and synthetic,” but the emotional impact of his musical alias Deptford Goth is about as human as it gets. Imbued with an intimate, intense yearning, perfectly matched to a seamlessly woven ‘scape of synths, beats and dreamy, sad vocal, Life After Defo confirms the arrival of an astonishing new talent.
The album works as an entire piece, drawing the listener in and seducing with its tender and aching melancholy, but delivering an equally potent sense of euphoria, particularly on album highlights such as ‘Feel Real’ and ‘Union’. He has been compared to James Blake in that electronically tweaked zone where synth-pop, R&B and soul meet; lovers of The xx may also recognise a kindred spirit. But the haunting electronic soul of Life After Defo feels very different to both, and three times as heartbreaking.

Somewhere between the layers of New York concrete and the infinite celestial universe, Noosa (aka Sky Luna) finds a place to portray a sense of lightness, honesty, and wonder in her music, coined by her as “fairy-pop”.
It is an arrangement of nature interspersed with pop music that gives Noosa her free-flowing and memorable sound.

The creation of Noosa began when her song “Mirrors in the Moonlight” was passed along to producer/songwriter Micky Valen, who transformed it into the first single and catalyst, “Fear of Love”. Upon releasing her first track online, the song went to #1 on Hype Machine’s most popular chart almost instantly, making it her first of many. The proceeding self-titled EP continued make waves across the blogosphere, garnering rave reviews from a number of popular music blogs including Perez Hilton, The Music Ninja, and Arjan Writes. One year later, Noosa’s independently released, original songs had accumulated over 2.5 million plays online. Notable commercial success includes the usage of her song “Sail” in the Kellogg’s Special K “Carefree Summers” campaign across Europe.

The EP is a five-track journey across the musical spectrum, which clearly underlines Noosa’s versatility. With one foot on the dance floor and the other on a moonlit shore, Noosa’s haunting vocals transport listeners to a magical place.

It was during a visit to Noosa, Australia that Sky was inspired to take on the roll of storyteller and write her first song. “It sort of just clicked in that one moment, in that one little town. There must have been some sort of soul awakening magic in those raindrops. I could see my life coming together in a way I pictured, but never deemed possible. Fantasy seemed tangible and I just knew that songwriting would be my way of translating my spirit to the world. It’s like nature and humanity was handing me the key to myself,” says Sky about her pilgrimage to the art of songwriting. Sky’s style is informed by lifelong expression as a fine artist. “I don’t just hear the music, I see it, and compose as though I’m painting a canvas.”

“Each person’s life is their own fantasy. You can make it up as you go along, however you like. I’m creating a window into my own. I like taking people to a places they’ve never been before.”

You’d never guess that rising vocalist a k u a ever harboured any doubts over her innate talents. She confesses to spending hours in her bedroom refining her daydreamy rhythmic stance – so far so Montreal right? – but it wasn’t until a chance opportunity performing at a posh hotel bar dispelled the last of her misgivings that she stepped out as a fully-fledged experimental-soul soloist.

Her debut EP, One’s Company, is the product of this newfound – and wholly justified – self-confidence. A five-track sonic banquet featuring previously aired tracks such as the stuttering, bratty ‘Told You So’ and the sombrely sprawling ‘Gravity’, alongside a clutch of new numbers which join the dots between Santigold’s vibrant synthy hip-hop jams and Grimes’s bedroom-bred hypno-pop. --Line Of Best Fit


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