Alien Ant Farm

Alien Ant Farm

Point the finger at the Bad Brains. Those original D.C. rockers have left their soul-glow residue on many a rock band over the last couple of decades. They are the ones to blame for the inception of the Inland Empire's pride and joy Alien Ant Farm. These whiteys actually base the entire foundation of their band on H.R.'s and Dr. Know's natty dreads. Who could possibly think of a better place to start?

Hard to believe that Terry once made a lucrative living by playing in various Queensryche/Stryper cover bands. Even more unbelievable is the realization that Mike once tried to be the next Bon Jovi(he's since gotten a spiffy haircut). The metal roots are there, man. Friends, combine these two tales of past modern rock glory with Dryden's "Harder than Phil Anselmo" vocal delivery and Tye's "Steve Harris" bass action and you've got one of the finest metal outfits ever to come out of the wasteland

known as I.E.

Things around here have started from the roots on up, including pimpin' studio time from friends in the right places. Did you expect anything less from a bunch of crooks? The notorious "$100 tape" was recorded and brought to you via one Chunk the Monk, and is still the only recorded works by the Alien Ant Farm scumbags. Call it Terry's passionate desire to get signed off a chingas tape that will bring in the millions.

To the surprise of a lot of folks, including the band members themselves, is that this measly tape has managed to sell and fall into the hands of the right people. The 98 Posse fools seem to like them over at the Barn. Even people at prestigious L.A. clubs such as the Roxy, Whisky, and the

Troubador, who have been booking AAF on a regular basis for months now, and the kind personnel of Human Waste Project seem to dig their game plan too! Maybe these folks were tired of seeing endless streams of crappy urban bands that have saturated the area of any decent talent. Maybe,

they want to draw people by banking on thugs like AAF. God help us...

The key here is the mad legions of AAF lunatics who stray from the desolate regions of the I.E. and journey to the metropolitan jungle of L.A. to see their heroes take care of business. Then again having two to three party buses available to take people to and from the show including admission and more importantly alcohol doesn't hurt. Nothing like seeing the look of fear on the faces of L.A.

locals when the inbreds come to town.

Giving it back to the people. That's what Metallica once said to their fans, and now AAF says it to a new breed of criminals, pimps, hookers, and losers everywhere. It's like one nerdy writer said once upon a time. The music is all that matters, or mattress. But that's another story. They're getting bigger by the day, and they still have their girlfriends for now.

Dryden Mitchell--vocals
Joe Hill--guitar
Tye Zamora--bass
Mike Cosgrove--drums

Bravo Delta

Bravo Delta is an American rock band from Los Angeles, CA. Their debut album "Sunset Wasteland" was released on February 28, 2012.
Emotive. Passionate. Intelligent. Hard working. These are terms that just begin to describe Bravo Delta, a four piece modern rock band from southern California, whose music has been labeled "subjective and emotive yet irrepressibly accessible". Big hooks and radio-ready polish, with "a dark undercurrent of cut-throat exasperation" that can leave a listener singing, dancing, or thinking.
The origins of Bravo Delta date back to 2007, as singer/guitarist Brandon Davis began writing and recording songs, simply with an acoustic guitar. Having a blueprint in his mind of how each song would eventually develop past the acoustic, he played countless shows by himself in many cities across the Midwest and West Coast. Refusing to settle and demanding the right fit for a backing band, he remained patient and continued to write and play shows, until late 2011. That's when he started to collaborate with longtime friend Andy Ingraham, a graduate of Berklee College of Music. Andy's ability to provide tasteful textures and intelligent solos, all while complimenting the original melody that Brandon had written, was instantly noticeable and appreciated. Together the two began redeveloping the material, giving it the identity that Brandon had always envisioned.
After playing an acoustic set at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA, Brandon was approached by drummer Scott Decker, whose band was also playing that night, and extended an offer to play for Brandon if he ever needed it. Scott instantly saw the passion, drive, and songwriting ability that Brandon possessed, and wanted to be a part of it. After a couple jam sessions, it was noticeably a perfect fit. Scott's ability to understand the dynamics of each song was a big selling point, and continues to be a noticeably positive attribute to this day. His onstage energy is undeniable, as you see him screaming out the words along with Brandon, flipping sticks, and putting on a show behind his drum kit.
The final piece of the puzzle was found with bassist Ryan Flores. Having been a part of many previous signed and touring bands, Ryan had the experience and mentality Brandon was looking for. The two are also involved in side project The Accident Experiment, consisting of Marcos Curiel (P.O.D.) and Ernie Longoria (Sprung Monkey), so the onstage energy and chemistry was already there. It was a perfect fit, as Ryan immediately understood the dynamics, melody, and ideas that the band strives to deliver. In a very short time, the project has matured and evolved from one man's idea to a full fledged modern rock powerhouse, producing a sound that one media publication calls "a ten out of ten…an A+".
Bravo Delta self released its debut album "Sunset Wasteland" on February 28th, 2012 and has gained success with both critics and fans alike. Songs such as "Not Enough", "Loose Cannon", and "Already Gone" are getting spins on Internet radio, satellite radio, and commercial terrestrial radio, and program directors are taking notice. One said "their sound is reflective of the radio giants played on heavy rotation nationwide". At this time the band is on a tour that covers most of the western half of the United States. For more information, please visit

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