LCD Soundsystem Is Playing at My House: Daft Punk vs. LCD Soundsystem Party

LCD Soundsystem Is Playing at My House: Daft Punk vs. LCD Soundsystem Party

The first weekend in August marks our 2-year anniversary of throwing Berlin-style ping pong parties in San Francisco, so we wanted to do something big to celebrate. Then we caught wind of North American Scum, the acclaimed LCD Soundsystem cover band based here in SF, and we figured it'd be awesome to book them and use the occasion to pit LCD against Daft Punk, their mentors -- and current kings of the airwaves.

So: dance party, DJs, live band, Berlin-style ping pong, drinks, food truck out front, foosball and skeeball upstairs in the mezzanine. We're getting a TaskRabbit to drive us home so the whole American Tripps crew can party hard without a care. Please join us!

with live set by NORTH AMERICAN SCUM doing LCD SOUNDSYSTEM songs!

North American Scum will play the music of LCD Soundsystem this time. Just like the early days!


"I bought a ping-pong table on Craigslist and 30 paddles at Sports Basement, and I invited 150 of my closest friends. We had a fab time, and all I heard all night was, "Why isn't this a thing??? One of the great things about Berlin-style ping-pong is how social it is. You find yourself next to strangers in the circle, and you have this common sports drama to bond over. Somebody makes a wild shot, and you’re all cheering and exchanging critiques together. You recognize players of similar skill levels to your own, and you root for them. Pretty soon you're friends. That’s how it’s been at American Tripps. It’s a real scene. I’ve made at least two or three real friends there. Even better, I know of at least five romances that took off there. There have probably been countless hookups too, at least one of which happened during the party in the back room." --Allan, explaining how American Tripps got started, for the Bold Italic


Tickets Available at the Door

TIX ARE $6 B4 9 PM/ $8 AFTER. There's a 6 ticket limit for this event per household, customer, credit card number and email address. Patrons who exceed the ticket limit can have their order cancelled automatically and without notice.

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