This Time With FEELING

This Time With FEELING is a four piece fridge-rock band from Orange County, CA.

With heights ranging from the groundling 5'4" to the mountainous 6'3" and everywhere in between, they've begun to carve themselves a comfortable niché in the Orange County/Los Angeles music scene.

They've played the beaches of San Diego! The beaches of Orange County! The beaches of Los Angeles! Beaches!

Nearly internationally renowned for the voluptuous bass stylings of Tony Dean, the coveted, sensual percussion of drummist Matthew Craven, the keys and guitars and shit of Eliot Cossaboom, and the unexplainable guitar playing and introspective cooing of Ali Coyle, it's unbelievable that you can see these guys whenever you want. I mean, really! Lucky you!

They have successfully released a new face-melting rollercoaster into the jaws of rock! Their new EP, "We Hope That You Don't Mind," is available for purchase and live streaming at

Sami is a restless spirit. Her natural beauty is a reflection of the ocean she dwells from (Hermosa Beach, CA). Her eyes are captivating and vulnerable. Her voice is honest and unique.

Born Samantha Freeman, Sami attended UCLA and graduated from the World Arts and Cultures Dance Department with a Bachelor of Arts, and a minor in Latin American Studies. While at UCLA, Sami began songwriting and composing for her fellow classmates in the Dance
Department. Also, during her schooling, Sami traveled to South America, and studied abroad in Puerto Rico and Spain, where she started writing in both English and Spanish, and developed her skills playing the piano, guitar, and ukulele. From there, she spent a year in Vancouver, British Columbia as an Ambassadorial Scholar for the Rotary, studying music therapy at University of BC, and
volunteering at a home for schizophrenic and bipolar as the principle music therapist.

Throughout her studies and travels, Sami has been recording with producer Troublemaker in Atwater Village, CA, working her debut project, a five song self-titled EP scheduled for release on Troublemaker's label, Hollyrock.

In addition, the two recorded a cover of Willie Nelson's
"Crazy" (most notably recorded by Patsy Cline, and a #2 country hit in 1962), as an impromptu idea while working in the studio. Not to be missed, the cover is accompanied by a chilling and stunning visual directed by Jeff Vash.

Also of recent, Sami's music has been featured in a Chilean fashion commercial, and as closing credits for a feature film. Additionally, she contributed vocals to Rad Omen's "Leap of Faith," a collaboration with Lupe Fiasco's Soundclash.

In her constant pursuit of happiness, Sami has continually enriched her life and those around her's. Listen as her music tells her stories, and you'll fall in love and never let go.



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