Threefifty "Collapses" Album Release

Threefifty is a Brooklyn-based band comprised of guitarists Brett Parnell and Geremy Schulick, whose instrumental compositions combine influences ranging from indie-rock, minimalism, and Baroque music. Threefifty originated as a classical guitar duo while Brett and Geremy were studying the instrument at The Yale School of Music, though gradually the duo took to writing all of their own material, incorporating acoustic and electric guitars with the expansive palette of a host of other instruments and electronics. Some performance highlights include Crossing Brooklyn Ferry at BAM, The NY Guitar Festival, Le Poisson Rouge, SXSW, TEDx Carnegie Mellon University, The 92nd Street Y, Austria's Schlossatelier, and Sarajevo's Dom Armije. Threefifty's third studio album, "Collapses," is due out in the summer of 2013.

Threefifty is proud to be part of the D'Addario artist family.

Twi the Humble Feather

Rarely is the title of an album such a pointed indicator of the record's sound as it is in the case of Twi the Humble Feather's debut, Music For Spaceships and Forests. This New York trio makes epic music that readily conjures a journey through a mysterious and surprising land. According to guitarist and vocalist Anthony Lebron, the songs on the album are "a soundtrack to the adventures of this character, 'TWI." Originally conceived by Lebron as "a derivative of twilight," the word "Twi," (rhymes with "why") is specifically defined as an "interstellar traveler, adventurer, or forest maker."

Instead of an artistic rendering of Twi's fantastical world, a mini creation/adventure story decorates the album and provides some background on Twi's travels and the sights and sounds he encounters. According to Lebron, the band consciously chose not to include any images on the album because the text "gives the listener the chance to create their own idea of what Twi sees and what worlds are depicted in the music."

Music For Spaceships and Forests is largely an instrumental work—Lebron, a classically trained guitarist, cites Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass, and J. S. Bach for inspiratio—-but unique vocal stylings that resemble rhythmic and melodic chanting accompany the intricate acoustic guitar interludes, electronic elements, and light percussion. Though occasionally, words like""spaceship""""lights"" or""star"" stand out, the vocals are often indecipherable and are""meant to appear alien or foreign"" reports Lebron. With its mysterious vocals about far away lands and beautiful instrumentation, Music For Spaceships and Forests is delightfully otherworldly.

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