The Killinoize 3 Year Anniversary Show with Liquid Stranger

Liquid Stranger

Traveling the uncharted terrains of sound, Liquid Stranger's creative output spans a wide range of electronic music in all of its colours and shades. Always pushing the sonic boundaries and merging genres, he consistently creates an ever-evolving blend of unique atmospheres and cutting edge grooves.
With 4 highly acclaimed full-length albums under his Liquid Stranger moniker, this multi-talented producer has established himself as the epitome of trans-national dubstep, covering everything from Latin, Asian, Eastern European and Jamaican Dancehall dubs.

Performing live, the Stranger has a passion for the unexpected and hits the stage with a stash bag full of devastating dance-floor monsters. Using custom built analogue gear to remix his tunes in real-time, he delivers an energetic and infectious performance unique to every show.


"John Phelps AKA JPhelpz is known for creating heavy dubstep/drum and bass smashers with his own variety of robotic, mechanical sounds melded with the dark, swampy side of the bass music stratosphere gives him a sound reminiscent of familiar names such as Funtcase, Getter, Persist, Mantis and the like that’s brought together in a unique way, giving his music a unique flavor that’s all his own. Along with a number of free singles, JPhelpz has boasted a laundry list of big releases on respected labels such as Xenomorph, Dirt, Lies & Audio Black, Prime Audio, Abducted Records, Lightyear Audio, and so on. With no sign of stopping anytime soon in sight (and even more confirmed releases coming up in the near future), there’s no doubt JPhelpz is bound to be a household name for fellow bassheads this year."

-Lightyear Records (Ry Legit's label)
-Abducted Records
-Xenomorph Recordings
-Prime Audio
-Mechanoid Audio

DJ SUPPORT: Funtcase, Datsik, Downlink, 12th Planet, Protohype, Trampa, Getter, D-Jahsta, Vaski, Darkelixir, P0gman, Soloman, Mantis, 12gauge, Sadhu, etc...

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