ImValid Presents: Project Mayhem Music

Project Mayhem Music

The most highly anticipated Hip Hop Music group Project Mayhem, hailing from the west side of Chicago is proud to announce their return. Since their induction into the Source Magazine’s Unsigned Hype in 2007, Project Mayhem has left the Hip Hop Music game wanting more. With mix tapes that left the streets hungry, this group aggressively displays their individual but complimentary rap stylings over tracks that move the crowd. This league of extraordinary gentleman have opened for acts such as: Erykah Badu, EPMD, and Kanye West and has gained them the national exposure they deserve. Not only naming them one of the top acts you should know in Chicago but sealing their fate as one of the best groups to emerge from Chicago’s Hip Hop movement.

Widely recognized from buzz worthy tracks Such as “Weed and Champagne” and “Lo Sweatas” the anthem for their Chicago crew, lyrical and exterior perfection is just what they do. This group has so much more on deck with the highly anticipated release of “Middle America” they hope to answer all the questions that their fan base really want to know, and get some tips on how to really rock a Polo 9-11.

With 15 years of family like affiliation, Project Mayhem’s music feels right at home. They have a distinctive sound that is recognizable worldwide, in the club, car or at the studio. PM’s sound is so impressive, each lyrically savvy MC delivers jabs that sting with permanence and reason. The Project Mayhem family roster leads with Marco Dane, the unmistakable charismatic narrator. Marco Dane gets the listener ready to receive the musical technique that is Young Lennon; the man with the bass in his chest and the beat in his heart. Ish delivers certified flow and lyrical precision that compliments Eazy Paypa’s effortless and free flowing rhythm. Expanding the style logistics and extending the family reach- the listener is invited to experience the unusual, placatory rap and vocal techniques of Tree. This organized confusion makes up Project Mayhem.

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