The Dad Horse Experience, The Bloody Jug Band, Slickwood

The Dad Horse Experience

With his peculiar banjo playing, the deep pounding notes of his basspedal, brief kazoo solos, and a distinct vocal delivery, ex-cabbie and punk rock scoundrel Dad Horse Ottn (aka The Dad Horse Experience) has gone from stumbling through a hard and sinful life to picking himself up and pushing on towards redemption, with little more than a banjo in his hands, a bass pedal at his feet and a message on his tongue. A gospel preaching, banjo plucking outsider artist from Bremen, Northern Germany who howls "turn the shit into gold!" as his saving grace. Described as "Dark Roots" and "Outlaw Gospel", Ottn himself calls it Kellergospel, explaining that this is not the Gospel you would hear in the churches but the gospel to be howled in the dark and lonesome basements, the places where the light is most desperately needed.

The Bloody Jug Band

Founded in 2009 and hailing from Orlando, Florida, this 8-piece group has adapted traditional Jug band instruments like washboard, washtub bass, mandolin and harmonica to create their unique sound. The band has performed all over the South Eastern United States and shared the stage with notable acts such as Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, Joe Buck, Edwin McCain, 3 Bad Jacks, Old Man Markley and many others...



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