Conflict (UK)

Conflict (UK)

Anarchy in the U.K., indeed -- such was the ultimate goal for the fiercely political British punk band Conflict, a group fueled by its hatred of Thatcher's England, the media, the military, and the general status quo of late 20th century life. Conflict played its first gig in 1981 led by vocalist Colin Jerwood, who would remain one of the group's few constants throughout its fluid existence. Much more permanent was the group's political agenda, which was already firmly ensconced by the release of their 1983 debut It's Time to See Who's Who; songs took on topics like Vietnam, nuclear arms, and vegetarianism. The animal liberation movement, which would remain one of Conflict's central concerns throughout their career, returned to the fore on the next year's Increase the Pressure, with its cover art's focus on the Save the Seals fight.

The band's increased political involvement, often in support of unpopular causes, led a number of their concerts to be broken up by the police; a 1987 appearance at the Brixton Academy even ended in widescale rioting (as documented on the live record Turning Rebellion Into Money, named after a Clash lyric). At about the same time, ex-Crass member Steve Ignorant joined Conflict as a joint vocalist. His tenure ended in 1989, the year the band released three different records: The Final Conflict, Against All Odds, and Standard Issue 82-87, a compilation of rare singles and album cuts. After four years of inactivity, Conflict released a single in 1993, followed later in the year by the album Conclusion. The record's title proved premature, however; by 1996, the group was back on tour, in support of a re-recorded, re-titled, and re-issued It's Time to See Who's Who Now. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

Resistant Culture

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Resistant Culture is an alchemical blend of extreme metal and punk music that also mixes indigenous folk elements including flute, rattle, tribal drum, and chants. Their roots go deep into the soil of grindcore and crust punk. They feature two members of Terrorizer, vocalist Anthony “Wolf” Rezhawk, and guitarist Katina Culture who joined in 2008 for the “Hordes of Zombies” release. Resistant Culture’s album “Welcome to Reality” featured the late Jesse Pintado (RIP) of Napalm Death/Terrorizer on rhythm guitar.

Resistant Culture is currently working on a new full length album entitled “Shamanic Healing” which combines sounds of modern brutality with the philosophy of ancient mysticism. This album will also featureTerrorizer's drummer, Pete Sandoval, on two tracks. They have acquired the mixing and mastering services of Dan Swano at Unisound Studio.


Forming in early 2008, War//Plague have been one of the most dedicated and productive DIY punk bands for the last decade bringing socio/political rage and ferocity to their music. With 10 releases to date, there is no end in sight for these veteran Minneapolis punks!

Born out of the ashes of previous Minneapolis bands Provoked, Pontius Pilate and Calloused, War//Plague continue to be active in the DIY community and constantly push the envelope with their ever-evolving sound. War//Plague know their roots and the underbelly of the DIY movement has fueled them since day one.

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