At The Left Hand Of God

At The Left Hand Of God

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Wrath And Ruin

Lawrence, KS-based musical colossus WRATH AND RUIN first came together in the summer of 2007, born from the rubble of sludge merchants JUMBO’S KILLCRANE, ambient experimentalists SENTIENT and angular rockers LASH CANINO.

WRATH AND RUIN were originally conceived as a 4 piece outfit with Troy Richardson on keyboards, James Sizelove on drums, Matthew Khomsi on bass guitar and vocalist PJ Tovar-Ballagh. The band was immediately prolific, drawing heavily on the extremely varied influences of its members. The resulting songs were devastatingly heavy, dark and loud with haunting melody, massive soundscapes and epic arrangements.

In early 2009, after a series of demo recordings and regional live performances, the band felt the need to push the envelope further and thus added Matthew’s brother Jason Khomsi to the lineup on drums, moving Sizelove to his native instrument, guitar, and opening a whole new world of possibilities both creatively and sonically. The new arrangement sparked a creative fire that found the early work retooled for the new lineup as well as a slew of new material that would form the basis of the band’s first full-length album. WRATH AND RUIN continued to play out, sharing the stage with the likes of KYLESA, ORIGIN, SKELETONWITCH, ABYSMAL DAWN, SAVIOURS, RED FANG, HAMMERLORD, SAMOTHRACE, THE CAST PATTERN, TROGLODYTE, BLACK COBRA and JUNIUS to name a few.

In August of 2009, WRATH AND RUIN entered the famed Black Lodge Studio in Eudora, KS with producer/engineer Eric Graves (THE ESOTERIC, HAMMERLORD, THETA) to lay the foundations for the band’s debut album.

After half a year of waiting for vocal tracks to be laid for the album, and rehearsing and occasionally performing instrumentally, the band made the decision to start the search for a new vocalist. In late spring of 2010, Sizelove approached longtime friend and music scene veteran Dean Edington to fill the position. He jumped at the chance, laying vocals on the album track Lifeform as his audition. After several months of live gigs, writing and recording entirely new vocal parts, the album was ready.

Finally, WRATH AND RUIN lift the veil on their debut album, Mouth of Oblivion - an orchestrated descent into a vast maelstrom where density meets melody and doom-soaked riffing, thunderous grooves and consciousness-altering soundscapes fuse to create an album both memorable and profound. Mouth of Oblivion takes you to the brink of extremity and hangs you over the edge into a storm of sensory overload and aural devastation on an apocalyptic scale.

We are the end and we are just beginning.

The Cast Pattern

We play down-tuned, heavy stuff in time signatures none of us really understand.

We have put out one album, had a million member changes, gone from a five-piece to a four-piece, and now we are writing our second full length. The end.



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