Les Racquet

Les Racquet is a New York City based band that gains popularity and reputation by playing with exquisite musicality and complex energy.

Their sound is sophisticated, thoughtful and adventurous. It quickly inspires people to let their guards down and feel connected. The band uses jazzy improvisation to transition between songs within their set. They move seamlessly through genres, building energy and dynamics. They create a big sound with only three members by layering harmonies and being conscious of the dynamic spectrum.

Patrick Carroll is the lead singer and has a very unique and distinguished voice, both vocally and on guitar. Coupled with the ears of Kenny Murphy and Daniel Malone who sing harmonies, the band creates acoustic landscapes with their voices that are pure and beautiful.

On Drums, Daniel has a technical approach that is melodically rhythmic and forward moving. He not only keeps the beat, but also passes it around and changes feels and time as songs progress, drawing the audience along and guiding them to blissful release. On the bass guitar Kenny creates harmonic motion, often by playing three or four note chords at a time, blending with the melody and the vocal harmonies that lay on top of his robust and full bass parts. The band challenges one another to speak musically and to be responsible for their actions on stage.

The band brings the audience along in their hands as if they are telling a story in the third person narrative. The audience is the subject, Les Racquet is the author, the room is the plot and the music is the grammar. Come be a character.

The band has been touring nationally since 2011 and plans to go overseas in 2015.

Motion Pictures is a five-piece rock and roll band from Raleigh, NC that formed in the summer of 2009. Ryan Bartok (Lead Guitar) and Chris Pendleton (Vox/Rhythm Guitar) have been musical companions for the better part of 20 years, and had the privilege of meeting Paul Sanders (Keyboards and Vox) in the late ‘90's. They've been playing music together on and off ever since. Through years of bands together and separate, they teamed up with Robbie Brock (Drums) and Clint Jernigan (Bass/Vox/Engineer) to provide the backbone. Quickly becoming close both in music and friendship, Motion Pictures have enjoyed crafting songs together ever since. Motion Pictures self-produced debut EP was released in 2012.

For fans of: The Band, Tom Petty, Pearl Jam

$6 online / $8 at the door


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