The Ivorys (ages ranging 23-24).
While harnessing a love of gritty classic rock and dance, this sharp 'power trio' consisting of Neil Candelora, Brendan Lazar, and Sam White deliver driving, catchy rock and roll at its purest through powerhouse recordings and an animated yet electrifying live show.

Aktar Aktar

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*repeat repeat (from Nashville)

making whimsical surf-pop may seem like a daunting task when you live states away from the nearest beach, but guitarist and vocalist jared corder was determined to make the music reminiscent of his california birthplace.. The new band (inspired after corder's mild success with former band, oh no no), was always intended to be jared, andy herrin on drums, with female harmony vocals reminiscent of 1960s west coast beach pop..

while working on new sounds with producer, gregory lattimer [albert hammond jr., kink ador, the gills, the grayces], it was suggested that corder's wife, kristyn sing in the band. corder immediately asked kristyn to be the missing member of the band.

the trio once described by the nashville scene as ("dick dale's snot-nosed grandkids") tracked a single and two additional tracks with lattimer in a basement of their hometown of east nashville in late 2012. the band's first single "12345678" was released in march of '13 2 weeks early, after getting out to local media and began receiving airplay on the local favorite radio station, lightning 100.

"It's been a long time / since I rock and rolled / But you never forget / how to do that stroll," exclaims Draft Week vocalist/guitarist Kevin McNamara with a knowing wink to Led Zeppelin during his band's sultry "Give In To Me," and it's a telling line that gives some insight into the quartet's fervent energy and back-alley cool. A lot of bands who claim to wave rock's gnarly, pedal-to-the-metal flag forget the intricacies and innovation that go along with it. True: Sometimes a great rock and roll song can be just four chords, but rearrange them all you like and they can only get you so far. What's refreshing about Draft Week's style is that they incorporate rich dynamics and throw a wrench in atypical song structures, while still remembering to keep things consistently hooky and worthy of massive sing-a-longs.

Though McNamara, Mike Zevin (bass, keys, back-up vox), Mikey Plahm (drums) and Chad De Leon (lead guitar) all performed in rival bands in high school, they eventually started Draft Week together in 2009, during their college days. Through two national tours and three self-released EP's, the band has racked up prized opening slots for the likes of Taking Back Sunday and Motion City Soundtrack. Locally, they've played some of Chicago's most renowned venues (Metro, Congress Theater, House of Blues) as they continue to build a solid fan-base from their home area of Darien.

With a massive rhythm section, fiery guitars and McNamara's elastic vocals, one can hear echoes of The Mars Volta in the band's DNA, especially on the stunning "New South," which begins and ends with incredible restraint, but sports a crushing all-out rock flair throughout it's core. "Daylight Savings" wins thanks to Zevin's active bass and a series of well-devised breakdowns, and even as they go acoustic on "The Sophomore," it's not an ill-fated attempt to contain their raucousness without electricity. Instead, true songwriting chops shine through and we get a different side of Draft Week that's equally as enjoyable as their slinky, arena-ready grit.

$7.00 - $10.00


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