Monday Night Residency with Cotillon


" this is really power-pop like it's supposed to be — hooky, raw and cheerfully bitter beneath the cuteness, just like Alex Chilton used to make. A Corso lyric such as "I don't have much, but I have a true heart" may sound like something Jonathan Richman would sing very sincerely, but Cotillon's recent Votive Flower EP is soaked in plenty of sarcasm, too. Corso's got a voice somewhere between Daniel Johnston and The Only Ones' super-sneerer Peter Perrett. In songs like "I Wanna Move to Paris" or "Dream Girl/Infection Suite," he pours a bottle of drain cleaner into the human heart: "You gave me an infection, just like you meant to," goes one opening line. That's not love, but it sounds true nonetheless. Chris Ziegler (LA Weekly) "

The Dream Ride

Like the curvaceous, bountiful river in Egypt, The Dream Ride is an ever-changing, flowing sonic stream with twists & turns at every non-corner. Wet & luscious currents of ancient-futuristic feminine vibrations immerse souls through cilia, while transcending time & space as they float through the ether. This collective has taken on many formations, opening portals to infinite dimensions that rise & melt again, making space for a new sound they have pioneered... “Psychedelic Doo-wop”

Wyatt Blair

*mr.elevator & the brain hotel*....*peach kelli pop*....*feeding people*....*cosmonauts*....*trmrs*.....*marz & the mess*

Since last time they played PTP, CORNERS have re-defined their sound with add a new wave of synth and re-emerged as one of LA's best new bands of the year. IF the Velvets had ever learned to surf, they probably would have ended up sounding like CORNERS. You dig?

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