Mad Love for Mad Anthony

On Saturday, June 29th, after leaving their gig, the guys in Mad Anthony were in a terrible accident just outside of Louisville. They were traveling to their next show in Evansville, Indiana. Adam was behind the wheel, Ringo in the passenger seat and Marc was taking a nap in the back. They hit a nasty storm and hydoplaned off the road into a line of trees. Marc and Ringo both sustained injuries to their heads that required stitches and staples and Marc also suffered a fractured vertabrae. The van was destroyed and all gear is still unaccounted for. Please join us to raise as much cash as we can to help these guys out! We want them to be able to heal and recover and obviously there is a van and gear that need to be replaced.

"Incredibly dark, sinister and unbelievably brilliant..." - Dayton City Paper
"An exercise in American Eclectic: gritty, dirty and damn good." - Independent Weekly
"Harnessing the bucking bronco of country punk and holding on for dear life." - Knoxville Metro Pulse
"Bridging the spirit of sweaty punk and old-school country, 500 Miles To Memphis is irresistible." - CiN Weekly
Eastside Vibe, our latest article -

Winner of the 2005 Cincinnati Entertainment Award for best Roots/Americana/Folk
Nominated for the 2006 CEA for best Rock
Winner of the 2007 CEA for best Live Act
Winner of the 2007 CEA for best Rock
Nominated for the 2007 CEA for Album of The Year
Nominated for the 2007 CEA for Artist of the Year
Winner or the 2008 CEA for best Rock
Nominated for the 2010 CEA for Album of the Year
Winner of the 2011 CEA for Best Live Act
Winner of the 2012 CEA for Best Live Act
Winner of the 2013 CEA for Best Live Act
Nominated for the 2015 CEA for Album of the Year

You never know when you might hear the music of 500 Miles to Memphis. Maybe in a honky tonk in Tennessee. Maybe at a Rock show in North Carolina. Maybe at a Punk festival in their hometown of Cincinnati. Maybe in an acoustic format at the corner bar or coffeeshop. Or maybe on MTV’s Nitro Circus, soundtracking some extreme sport stunts. The band is comfortable in almost any setting, largely because their music — a mix of scrappy Country and scorching Rock & Roll — has a magnetic, wide appeal. The Hot Topic kids get juiced on the band’s adrenalized live shows, while fans of Classic Country can appreciate 500 Miles’ true, heartfelt take on vintage C&W. With Sunshine in a Shotglass, the group’s debut full-length, 500 Miles to Memphis introduced itself as a world-class Rock band with songs that are alternately shit-kicking and heartbreaking. From the fiddle-driven, broken-glass-inducing “All My Friends are Crazy” to the closing trilogy of “Let It Rain”/”Sunshine in a Shotglass”/”The Regret,” singer/songwriter Ryan Malott and his tight, rousing band concocted a true, complete album, full of plenty of soul and depth, but also lots of instantly memorable Pop hooks. Don’t believe me? Then just listen to Sunshine once or, better yet, get out to a show. 500 Miles to Memphis is one of the most promising young bands in North America right now. - Mike Breen, City Beat

Kelly Thomas & The Fabulous Pickups

Traditional country with a strong dose of rock and blues. Kelly Thomas has been compared to Roseanne Cash with her transparent and personal writing and impressive vocal range. The Fabulous Pickups are the perfect compliment providing a full, but not overly busy, backdrop to Thomas's vocal.

A staple on the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati music scene since 2005, Kelly Thomas and The Fabulous Pickups have carved out a respectable place as a premier band in their home town. In 2011, the band released it's debut album "Fly" which was well received on both a local and national level. They were nominated by The Cincinnati Entertainment Awards in 2011 for Best Country Act. In 2012, Kelly, recieved the CEA for Best Singer/Songwriter.

The current line up includes some of the best players in the Cincinnati/NKY scene; Jeff Boling (lead guitar/vocals), John Bedinghaus (acoustic guitar/vocals), Kevin Hogle (drums), Greg Hansen (bass) and Zac Roe (guitars/vocals). The combination of talent is both sonically great and fun to watch!

"The thing that Black Owls does infinitely well is mash their British Invasion/Punk influences into a thick paste and apply it in broad trowel strokes to their distinctly Midwestern presentation, crafting a sound that is both maddeningly familiar and strikingly original. Dig: A parallel-earth Ian Hunter is born in Detroit and forms a garage-band Mott the Hoople after seeing Mitch Ryder and Iggy Pop, and still manages to obsess over Dylan and Bowie."

Sticky Honey

Sticky Honey is a hot little band covering all of the sexiest tunes from the late 70's to the early 80's. You will dig, you will dance, you will pee your pants, Honey.

Animal Circles


State Song

Started in november 2008 by cousins Scot Torres and Matt Hemingway along with good friend George Jesse. All bandless at the time came together to turn their shared passion for music into a fruitful outlet.

January 30th 2010 marked the last live performance with Jesse. Soon after came the first performance with new drummer Justine Sheldon. An album/cd/digital was released with 10 swimmingly beautiful songs of music and voice. Now new songs are being written and saturday hats are sometimes being worn on wednesdays. More to with new drummer Drew Bogner state song is preparing to hit the road and spread the gospel of "Dear Hearts and Gentle People" their debute full length released in late 2010 by Phratry records.

We are a The Sundresses from Cincinnati, OH, USA. We are loud American rock music. We’ve played everywhere. SXSW seven times by invite. Played with a shit ton of bands that went on to become famous and others who already were. We won the album of the year Cincinnati Entertainment Award in 2008 for Barkinghaus. We make the people dance and drink. We inspired a couple to have sex right there in front of everyone while we played at The Green Lantern in Lexington, KY. True. We’re a real good band.

Combining the fables of a gypsy rogue with the galloping melodies of a gang of outlaw punks creates quite the musical combination. The influence of Outlaw Country and good old Rock and Roll can be heard throughout Veronica Grim's catalog of musical samplings. Formerly known as the lead singer of Switchblade Syndicate, Grim has broken away from the standard pyschobilly and cowpunk formula and created a whole new sound that crosses over the borders of several genres. For Grim and her exceptional bandmates, the truth and heart in a song plays louder than an amp, and the hell raised in live performance comes from a true love of being in front of those who can appreciate the power of real, pure music that doesn't require an auto tune.

In addition to headlining local shows in the Cincinnati area with Switchblade Syndicate and Veronica Grim and the Blue Ribbon Boys, Grim has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such national acts as Nekromantix, The Koffin Kats, The Arkhams, Whiskey Daredevils, Lydia Loveless and many more.

The band originated in Northern Kentucky and has moved to Long Beach, California for new adventures. Ready, willing and able to travel for gigs given enough notice. You can't put a price on fun...


Hailed by some as the loudest band in North America, and loved by many for being the loudest band in North America, Jackass has been leading its own exodus to the Promised Land of Rock. Blazing a trail for over two years, winning over new followers along the way with deafening grace.Sharing the stage with such acts as The Datsuns, Faster Pussycat, Fireball Ministry, Bottom, Kings X, and others. Jackass kicks hard, with a tasty cocktail that mixes potent rock, refreshing humor and a downhome redneck vibe....Oh my Gawd !

Martin Luther & The Kings

For the last six years, Martin Luther 7 The Kings have been the musical slap in the ass that you all have needed. With their blend of garage, punk, country and full-on good looks, they are a sure fire good time that you will hate yourself for missing!

Mudpies are Forrest Horn (vocals), Marc Raia (guitar), Mike Reeder (bass), and Paul 'Walter' Sketch (drums). The Pies have been rocking the No. KY/Cinci area for almost 12 years now without a change in band lineup. A sonic collision of The Who, Aerosmith, U2, and Neil Young - the Pies put forth Rockmusic, Blues, and Soul. The Mudpies were most recently nominated for CEA Best Blues Band award, and have played with the likes of Dick Dale, Los Lonely Boys, and Eric Johnson. The Mudpies are quite well known for being extremely attractive.. 5bucks is 5bucks.

The Mudpies are a Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area rock band that has been slinging mudrock in the tri-state area since the spring of 1999. The Mudpies have enjoyed playing the the 2008 Queen City Blues Festival at Sawyer Point, the 2009 Queen City Winter Blues Festival at the Southgate House, the main stage at the 2003 Pepsi Jammin’ on Main and the 2002 Bacon Electricity Music Festival/Campout, as well as opening dates for the likes of Dick Dale, Eric Johnson, and Los Lonely Boys. For 10 years the band has been hitting local Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky nightspots like the Southgate House, Mansion Hill Tavern, The Comet, The Northside Tavern, Top Cat's, Sudsy Malone's, as well as the legendary Derf's Tavern in scenic Latonia, KY. The Mudpies enjoy playing a combination of mud-twisted cover tunes as well as Mudpies original songs.

$10.00 - $12.00


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