Beast Patrol

Beast Patrol

It all started with lighting water on fire. Vanessa Bley (lead vox, guitar), Robert Granata (guitar) and Anthony Marchesi (bass) met in 2011 while performing at a revolutionary anti-fracking (Pedal Power NYC) concert powered by bicycles or "natural ass." In early 2012, Vanessa Bley released her solo EP, a lush and vibrant alt-rock record which led to the band's formation as Beast Patrol. In October 2012 they released the EP "Fierce & Grateful," which received significant buzz leading to Rolling Stone's Band to Watch and a slot at Lollapalooza. After a year of extensive performing and the addition of Jacob Read-Harber on drums last summer, the four-piece has settled in and crafted their second record. Unarm Yourself Spring 2014.

Static Jacks

These days, what's passed off as independent and punk rock really isn't much more than D.I.Y. laziness -- fluff-filled bands and songs whose substance is eclipsed by style. That's why New Jersey's The Static Jacks (vocalist Ian Devaney, guitarists Henry Kaye and Michael Sue-Poi, bassist Spencer Kimmins, and drummer Nick Brennan) are a rare and refreshing act.

Nineteen- and twenty-something-year-olds don't often write entrancing songs that disregard the latest trends and defy simple labeling. Nor do most make a conscious effort to take control of their own affairs, from the music to artwork to promotion. Fewer still are willing and eager to leap outside their comfort zones and play their songs in strange locales to reach a wider audience. The Jacks operate so that each member is involved with every single aspect, no matter how small. Whether it's the key of their newest song or the handmade posters at their shows, the effort is totally collaborative, the product of the whole band. The Jacks have keenly cut their teeth busking around NYC; they often play acoustically to large crowds in Union Square and Williamsburg, captivating passersby and park regulars alike. At the same time there's no aversion to the fickle college scene, where tastemakers and critics fete the band repeatedly for its charged live show. So breathe in the fresh air that is this dynamically original act, and watch them break the barriers that have hemmed in music for so long.


Multi-instrumentalist/producer Owen O'Mahony & singer/songwriter
Johanna Stahley's psych-rock/candy-pop self titled debut album
"TKTTSM" has busted out of it's recorded form into a high energy,
mesmerizing live show. Gymnastic instrumentation, Bjork-like vocals
and Crosby, Stills and Nash harmonies explode from this six-piece band
with precision and emotion. With Jacob Colin Cohen on drums, Matt
Cusack on bass, Reinder Oldenburger on guitar and Lauren Zettler on
synths, TKTTSM is fighting for something worth fighting for. In a
review for Nanobot, Clay says "It is the funnest anti-establishment
music I have ever put in my ears."

TKTTSM released their debut album on October 16, 2012 to stellar
reviews. In short order, the first single "Plastic Fantastic" was
added to 142 college radio stations. Moheak Radio in L.A. added
"Plastic Fantastic" to regular rotation in March 2013 and Music
Supervisor Gary Calamar (True Blood, Dexter, 1600 Penn, Longmire)
named TKTTSM in a January 2013 Entertainment Weekly article entitled
"The Best Songs On TV This Season".


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