Since it's first issue in 1966, the 'Fuzz Face' pedal has sung it's distorted siren song & lured many a burgeoning guitar player to the rock. Hendrix & Townshend swore by them, and apparently so does the San Francisco mystery group FUZZ. [Trouble in Mind] received an unsolicited email submission from these guys & despite [their] best efforts, cannot discern who is responsible for these jams. All [they] know is that [they] haven't been able to stop playing these two tracks over & over & over! Tinnitus here we come! Two addictive & ferocious slabs of doomy fuzzed-out rock & fucking ROLL that break open the gates of Hades & lurch forward like rabid hounds of Hell! "This Time I Got A Reason" & "Fuzz's Fourth Dream" are both flaming embers of molten rock that evoke a serpentine head-banging & rage skyward on evil riffs like the red-headed stepchildren of Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Jerusalem & Wicked Lady! W-W-Whoah!

CCR Headcleaner

"CCR Headcleaner may not have fallen on your radar yet, but these three long-time friends, with the new addition of bassist Mark Trisey, are no strangers to making the thrashy, noisy, spazzy jams San Francisco seems to love. Having been in the Hospitals, Long Legged Woman, and numerous other punk-influenced projects, these guys are pros at creating loud, fierce walls of sound. Their sonic output is also reflective of their distinct characters. One could describe both their music and the producers of it as disheveled, nonchalant, erratic and unpredictable, while also mirthful, sweet, and remarkably genuine." --SF Weekly

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