Having arrived in Miami from Camagey, Cuba, in 2001, Mr. Haka's hip-hop bio is chock full of that all-important street credibility. And given his frequent appearances freestyling onstage with the Spam Allstars, it should be easy to recycle the same set of superlatives to describe the cultural trends he signifies every time he opens his mouth. Fortunately for all of us, though, Mr. Haka is a rapper truly worthy of those hosannas, able to outflow any of Miami's better-known MCs, even if he's merely reciting the phone book. In fact at his most recent I/O performance, grabbing the microphone during the Spam Allstar's tenth anniversary show, Mr. Haka's verses came so fast, his syllables hypnotically tumbling over themselves like crashing waves of surf, he may as well have been declaiming the entire Yellow Pages. No matter. He was still more dynamic than any of the Miami rappers who were lionized in 2004.-taken from reviewer



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