SC Accidental, Surfin Serf, Colorsphere

SC Accidental

Post-rockish New Gaze, featuring a wide spectrum of blood. France (Pascal), Canada (FBC), the UK (The Keymaster), Japan (Rodzilla), Florida (sorry Dude-bro) (Also FL by way of South Africa) MC Guire lend their forces to change the way people think.
horse shit.

Surfin Serf

Factually Floridian, Surfin Serf is the guitar-based output of native Orlandoan Byron Lynch. A project the self-taught singer-songwriter began in high school, the cryptic, homespun emo he weaves has long-been backed by pop punks and stoner metallurgists. The real touchstone, however, is the influence of R&B crooners in which Surfin Serf finds its lasting definition.




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