Sub.Mission Presents Electronic Tuesday ft. Goth Trad LIVE w/ Durazzo and Lotus Drops

Goth Trad

Freely playing samplers, keyboards and even self-made instruments, "The Sound Originator" GOTH-TRAD creates remarkable dance music in an abstract aproach. First appeared in a music event abroad in December 2001 performing at "Batofar" an event held on a boat in France, creating a strong impression with his original sound collage. GOTH-TRAD started his own music creation in 1998, and the musical unit "REBEL FAMILIA" with Takeshi "HEAVY" Akimoto in 2001. As for his own solo works, 1st album "GOTH-TRAD I" was released in April 2003. Again GOTH-TRAD did his solo French tour in Autumn. January 2004, was the opening act for THE MARS VOLTA's shows in 3 major cities. Made a solo tour in Europe in May and June. Also November 2004, opening act for Arto Lindsay's show in Tokyo. Released his 2nd solo album on January '05. In March performed at "KOREA-JAPAN Road Club Festival 2005" of Japan-Korea Friendship Year. After returning from Korea, established a new music called "Mad Rave" and in November 05 released his 3rd solo album "Mad Raver's Dance Floor". The release tour travelled to Berlin, Paris, Metz, London and 8 domestic cities. 12inch single "Paranoia/Acid Steps" released on 28th Jan 2006. In September 2006,GOTH-TRAD started the Dubstep party named "Back To Chill". "Back To Chill" represents Japanese Dubstep & Madrave!!!

I make beats. I drive a van around the USA and play shows.

Lotus Drops

Lotus Drops has been bringing it for the last 4 1/2 years and is blasting through the roof. She delivers it full on and is constantly finding ways to get your booty shaking and your soul elevated in these drastic times. Its time for the next round of sounds of what she describes as Psychedelic Dubstep Goddess Womp. Be prepared to get the real rinse out....because Lotus is locked and loaded and ready to Drop it like its hot.

OVER 21: $5 Before 10 PM & $10 After 10 PM / UNDER 21: $10 All Night


OVER 21 = $5 Before 10 PM / $10 After 10 PM
UNDER 21 = $10 All Night

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