Sadistik is not just another rapper, he is an artist in the deepest sense of the word. Hailing all the way from the scenic gloom of Seattle, Washington, Sadistik has quickly gained the hearts and ears of listeners by opting for a more personal and heartfelt brand of music by carefully circumventing the limiting cliches of rap music --- all before the age of 25. By combining caustic honesty, lyrical wit and technical innovation, Sadistik has crafted a sound that he can truly call his own. His lyrical endeavors are not without the help of some of the most talented producers in the underground scene, however, as he has worked predominantly with Portland-based instrumentalist Emancipator. In addition to their work together, Sadistik has meshed his sounds with the likes of the prolific duo Blue Sky Black Death as well as Chicago native Kid Called Computer. From his work with such talented multi-instrumentalist producers, Sadistik has created a signature of unpredictable and complex song structures draped with densely layered combinations of intricate sample work and live instruments. Sadistik's collaborations are not limited only to the powerhouses of the instrumental scene, however, but also some of underground rap's most revered wordsmiths such as Eyedea, Cage, Mac Lethal and Sage Francis, to name a few.

In 2008 Sadistik made his name with the provocatively fearless debut album "The Balancing Act." This record has been heralded by many critics as "hip hop's answer for winter albums" ( for its fearlessly emotional potency because "after you are done listening to [it] you feel as though you have the world's strongest drug in your veins." When this sound was combined with the collaborations with Rhymesayers recording artist Mac Lethal and Vast Aire from Cannibal Ox fame, it becomes clear why so many have considered this to be an underground classic. Following the release of "The Balancing Act" was the release of the music video for the single titled "Searching for Some Beautiful" which was accepted by MTVu and well-received by fans and new listeners alike.

Following the success of "The Balancing Act" was 2010's operatic opus "The Art of Dying" with Chicago-bred producer Kid Called Computer. Again displaying his relentless knack to stray from rap music's norms, Sadistik and Kid Called Computer opted to create a conceptually unique album more akin to progressive rock than what is accepted as hip-hop with "beautifully married gloomy progressions with [...] gorgeous chaos in the music" ( Whether it be the grandiose live rock crescendo of "Save Yourself" or the nearly 8 minute epic tale of school violence in "Bed of Flowers," Sadistik showed that he was not aiming to meet expectations but to shatter them into as many pieces as possible with a sound that "goes inside of you and eats it's way out from the inside [...] by being beautiful and painful at the same time" (

Sadistik's efforts are not limited to recordings, however, as he can be found performing his intimate yet intensely energetic shows around his home of Seattle and around various cities in the United States as well as internationally. In 2011 alone, Sadistik has independently toured in nearly every region of The United States as well as nine countries in Europe including: Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, France, and Austria. Sadistik has also shared the stage with hip hop icons such as: Tech N9ne, Slaughterhouse, Bone Thugs N Harmony, D12, Cage, Eyedea & Abilities, The Grouch, Zion I, etc.

Currently, Sadistik is as busy as ever juggling multiple projects that are slated to be released within the next yea, including a full album with Emancipator, a solo album, an EP with Minnesota's Kristoff Krane and penning his first poetry book.

Louis Logic

With three studio albums under their belt (Sin-A-Matic, The Odd Couple “Alcohol/Ism” and Misery Loves Comedy) and a laundry list of collaborations with artists such as J-Zone, Jedi Mind Tricks and MF DOOM , louis logic & J.J. Brown use a unique singer/songwriter approach to crafting rap records. Alongside, long time producer/partner in crime, J.J. Brown, louis has grown to infamy as the king of drinking anthems and quirky adult love songs. The duo’s musical exploits have taken them on extensive tours throughout the United States, Canada and Europe with artists like J-Zone, Vakill, and Pigeon John. In November of 2005, louis and J.J. officially became a group when they signed their first multi-album deal with the oldest name in the independent rap business, Fat Beats. The long awaited sophomore album Misery Loves Comedy, led by the first single “The Great Divide” b/w “Captain Lou El Wino” and “Bully Remix dropped June 2006 on Fat Beats Records. Most recently, louis & J.J. reinvented the Sin-A-Matic album with the 80's Edition, a special five year anniversary re-release of louis logic's 2003 cult classic debut album.

Louis is currently working hard to spread the word about his new band Spork Kills which fits him with Danish production heroes Beatman & Rockin' for a wild ride through the sounds of 60's Surf Rock, Afrobeat, Balkan & Rap music. You can pick up the Spork Kills "Beaches Love Us" EP here or see their first music video Spork Kills "Night of the Hip 'D Dead" directed by Donlee Brussel making waves everywhere.

Trak Masta Tom

It was a day like many others. I emerged from the womb with little fanfare. "Word is born," I exclaimed brightly.

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