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The Ska Daddyz

SkaDaddyZ is a ska band from Ventura, California. They were founded in 1993. They achieved a hit with their cover version of The Eagles' "Hotel California".SkaDaddyZ have played alongside bands such as Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, The Specials, No Doubt and Save Ferris across the west-coast. At the Ska-Summit 2003 in Las Vegas, the band joined acts with The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Madness. Said to be compared to Sublime, the SkaDaddyZ describe their music as a blend of Ska, Funk, Rasta, and Punk - all this presented with extreme energy. The band has a self-produced album "Rude Boyz" with ÜBERSEE RECORDS.Information sourced from the SkaDaddyZ Biography at the band's official myspace page - [1]American ska musical groups

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Radio Threat

Members of Radio Threat have been playing in the Oxnard/ Ventura music scene for 15 years in bands such as Confessions of a Monster, The Pretty Uglys, Disfunction, and The Riverbottom Nightmare Band..to name a few. Our current lineup of Favio, Johnny, Bobby and Este has only one focus..Rock and Roll music, and playing live. Influenced by everything from Hank Williams to the Dwarves..Ritchie Valens to the Ramones..our sound can't be confined into one genre, and our live show can't be described as anything other than a full tilt rock and roll party. We won't dissapoint, and we can't be denied....WFRT



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