Cosmic Suckerpunch

Cosmic Suckerpunch

A young Los Angeles outfit who explore all sides of rock from the ’60s until present day, Cosmic Suckerpunch move seamlessly from alt-rock intensity into hazy psyche with classic rock bits and even ebbs of pensive meandering. The melodies are distinct and memorable, and the guitar solos never out stay their welcome. If The Rolling Stones grew up on Weezer it might sound like this.

The line up for Smiles was formed in 2010. It consists of longtime friends and brothers from Redondo Beach, CA. Together they have created a jovial energy that is the "Smiles" sound.

This quintet has become notorious for their explosive and dynamic sets. All of the band mates are multi-instrumentalist and they effortlessly trade posts on stage during their live performances. Smiles stands out among many blossoming artists of today with their harmonies, percussion, and songwriting abilities.

This is a band that aims to please... everyone! Extremely eager to present themselves to a worldwide audience, with their heads pointed to the sky and their toes planted on the ground, they are “Smiles”


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