Colby Dobbs Band

Colby Dobbs Band (CDB) is quickly generating buzz with its original mix of piano-driven, jazz/rock-influenced pop songs, complete with punchy vocals and foot-stompin' catchy hooks. Formed in 2010 by singer/keyboardist Colby Dobbs after an attempt to record a solo album with studio musicians, Dobbs found chemistry and musicianship in Dan Lawlor (drums) and David J. Sentendrey (bass) – with each adding their own sound to the collective. Marcus Harmon and Charlie Trexler would later be added on saxophone and guitar, respectively, to round out the group's identity. Between CDB's members, there is a wide array of musical influences, ranging from classic artists like Steely Dan and Stevie Wonder to more current pop acts like Jamiroquai. CDB's central focus is and always has been on good songwriting and precise musicianship, which has led to the band developing a sound that is truly unique for their time and place. “We think the songs are certainly the most important thing. I think at the end of the day, most people love good songs and truly appreciate them,” Dobbs says. Considered one of the best bands in North Carolina by the influential music reviewers Live Limelight, CDB released their full-length debut album, “The Great Unknown," in June 2012, which is now available for purchase/download worldwide. The group's live performances have not only gained them notoriety in their hometown of Charlotte but throughout music rooms they have worked across the southeast region of the United States.

Besides Daniel

This Marvelous Grief is a collection of songs that create a particular landscape of relational brokenness, with ourselves, others, and God. I found this as a thread running through the entirety of this album-a retrospective enlightenment. I have found these songs to orbit the imperfections in our love and the struggle to forgive ourselves, our companions, our family, and God. The title of this record draws from the incredible crucible of loss that comes to us who have wounded those we dearly love and the eventual redemption of our grief. Exploring both the pain of intimacy as well as the hope for loving ourselves, this effort lays bear the turmoil and joys inherent in relationships. My hope for those who take the time to intentionally listen to this record is that your hearts would be warmed with affection for those closest to you.

LeeAnne Savage

LeeAnne Savage was nominated for FIVE TAMMIES (Tucson Area Music Awards) in which she WON ALL FIVE at the 2012 TAMMIES Awards show held at The Rialto Theater on September 5, 2012. These awards included: Entertainer of the Year, CD ("To The N9nes") of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Country/Americana Band of the Year and Best Female Vocalist.

LeeAnne's rockin' country pop vocal styling, strong story telling, unique melodies and energetic stage presence has helped her develop a huge, very dedicated following! These qualities are the reason LeeAnne and Her Curveball Cowboys have opened for Clay Walker, Blaine Larsen and more recently, Clint Black.

The music encompasses a diverse collection of favorite stylings, or what is affectionately referred to as high intensity, very passionate "Modern Alt-Country Americana Pop Rock" An exciting stage performance complete with lyrically memorable, hook laden songs is what this band is all about!

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