The Southside Stalkers with Ugly Bones

The Southside Stalkers

The Southside Stalkers came to be one cold wintery day. It was cold, they were bored and decided to start playing music. It was a good time. So because it was a good time...they decided to continue playing. What started as 3 piece (Brothers John, Luke, and brotha from anotha motha Dan Doyle) quickly evolved into a 6 piece, bringing a slew of musical influences to the table. The Stalkers do not limit themselves to one genre. From The Doors, to Russian polka music, to the glorious sound of feedback, they love all different types of music/noises and it most certainly shows. Live shows are very energetic and if the crowd digs it...even more so. Expect shows to be loud, random break out jams, and love making to the crowd. They've played just about every venue Cleveland has to offer (including Quicken Loans Arena) and have even been banned from one! (FUCK PEABODY'S) Only time will tell where the bright future for this band and its members, collectively and individually, will take them.

Ugly Bones

$5.00 - $7.00


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