NIL8 Acoustic

NIL8, very likely the longest-running, continuously together rock band in Springfield area history, continues to draw crowds, produce original music and entertain at a magnificent level after some 25 years on the local scene. With the brother team of Jeff Williams (guitar, vocals, songs) and Bruce Williams (bass) leading a long and illustrious parade of a who’s who of area drummers and lead guitarists through the years, (positions currently occupied by Wes on drums and Damon Soper on guitar), the quirky quartet has no equal in the really alternative rock music arena in the capital city.
-Tom Irwin

Pedigree isn't everything, but for what it is worth, EPSOM has pedigree for miles. The consummate drum stylings of Tim "Grumpy" Harte (Hocus Pocus, Blue Steel, The Aqua Velvets, Dad's Big Weekend, Tom Irwin & the Raouligans) have been in regional demand since his teens, and may have reached their creative zenith --so far-- during his time in BACKWARDS DAY. Now, for the first time since that band's shameful demise, EPSOM finds Harte rejoining forces with spasmodically verbose ex-BD frontman/lyricist Scott Faingold, whose negative stage charisma is the rock music equivalent of a celestial white dwarf. Or a pretty nasty train wreck, anyway. Lastly but not leastly, Steven Sgro's swirling, stomping guitar riffs with BUTTGRAVY continue to echo down through rock history and now ascend thrilling new peaks of both mind- and string-bending with EPSOM. What? Stop looking at us that way. It's our bio. Fuck you. Seriously.

Owen & Dooley Present

Q: What exactly do Owen and Dooley present? A: This multi-generational duo presents blues-based, balls-out rock on a level rarely achieved. Tom "Dooley" Woolsey has been the guitar player to beat on the Springfield rock scene pretty much as long as there has been a Springfield rock scene. He hits the strings with authority and abandon, displaying a complete mastery of all forms of rock music from Chuck Berry to 1970s hard rock to '80s new wave, all put through his musical Cusinart and blended into a cohesive style that is 100% Dooley, every bit of it rooted in an implicit understanding that all of these have always been mere variations on the blues. When Dooley is onstage it's hard to look away. That is, unless Owen Irwin is by his side. Owen (eldest son of pre-eminent Springfield singer-songwriter Tom Irwin) is young, lean and hungry and it shows in the fireworks of his fretwork. Steeped in music since birth, Owen always plays his heart out and his musicianship has grown at such a rate that he almost seems like a different player than he was just a year or two ago. When Owen and Dooley play together, the combination of youth and experience feels positively dynastic, two generations of masterless rock guitar ronin joining forces to slay all comers.


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