The Astrohillbillies

The Astrohillbillies

The Astrohillbillies is the melancholy psychedelic dream child of songwriters Julie Jurgens and Rob Reid, a lass and a lad with alliterative names who write songs about planets, big cats and heartache. With topics such as those, and instrumentation that includes banjo, pocket trumpet, hand drums, and hysterical laughter, the Astrohillbillies put on a show that you're very likely to enjoy, even if you don't understand a single minute of it

Brother Moose

Brother Moose is fronted by Louis Bardales as singer and guitarist and Raul Cotasquipe on drums. The result is a sound based primarily in folk and americana styles. In November 2012, "The Opening Field", Brother Moose's homemade debut, was released on bandcamp and can be streamed and downloaded at



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