Vernous is an electroclash band from Brooklyn fronted and produced by songwriter Elana Belle Carroll. The music sounds like dance music-inspired noir-pop, and feels like the upchurning of hearts breaking and deities falling. Vernous released a two-track EP in August 2012 and will be releasing another EP in collaboration with illustrator Elisa Malo this summer.

"A rattlesnake hybrid of pounding dance beats and bone-chilling lyrics." –NYC Deli Mag

"Unapologetic." –Bushwick Daily

Mic Raygun

Mic Raygun is a producer/musician based out of Bushwick by way of Boston. Mic is short for microphone. The project mixes the organic with the electronically modified. The music is a catchy blend of rock and beats. Mic Raygun has released four EP's including 2011's Pinch and 2012's Eating The Timid. Production for Mic Raygun's debut album (tentatively titled The Bushwick Collection) is in progress. Emotion and variety is most important to Mic and his music. Without it there's no song, no meaning, no passion and no relevant existence.

"Mic Raygun is sort of an enigma, with a chance of becoming a full-blown mystery someday." - Quiet Rebel

Eyes Of Wonder

“Eyes of Wonder” is the electronic rock project of songwriter, singer and producer Anna Aufseeser. Anna began performing professionally in 2009 at clubs in Los Angeles as the vocalist and songwriter of a progressive rock band, “The Commune”. After moving to New York and becoming deeply involved in the electronic music community, Anna began to incorporate music technology into her songwriting. The result is a hybrid of electronic music production and rock and roll and her EP, “Eyes of Wonder”, the first of a series of albums and EPs, set to be released in July 2013. Anna sings, plays keyboard, and produces and sequences music using hardware and software synthesizers and programs. She is also a poet, fiction writer and illustrator, and incorporates all of these forms of expression into her music and shows.

Under the guidance of and in collaboration with Grammy-nominated sound engineer, producer and musician Phil Painson, who has mixed many Gold records and worked with Bush, Public Enemy, Mazzy Star and Ryuichi Sakomoto (Yellow Magic Orchestra), Anna incorporates audio technology, sound engineering and careful listening into her songwriting. In collaboration with fellow performing artist and producer Mic Raygun, Anna further explores songwriting using digital technology. Meanwhile, she applies tried and true practices of composition and vocal/instrumental techniques to create the most well-crafted material and performances.

Anna aims to write meaningful songs for a dramatic and engaging club and live experience. She blends the most recent advances in technology with the rock and roll tradition of passion, creativity and musicianship. In doing so, she hopes to help chart the future of popular music, keep the music industry exciting and emphasize quality art.


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