John Wayne and The Pain

John Wayne and The Pain

Midwest reggae rockers Jon Wayne and The Pain have been carving a sizable niche in the reggae-rock genre. Their sophomore release “Follow Through” builds upon the success of the group’s self-titled debut album, once again showcasing their unique mix of reggae, rock, and dub that fans can’t get enough of. Jon, Teeto and Chuckie are the ultimate coast-to-coast road warriors having played an average of 20 shows per month for the last 3 years. Their live shows are a powerful display of the trio’s “Reggae-Tronic Dub”. The band creates a unique psychedelic Reggae sound by blending Reggae-Rock, Roots, Pop, and Ska with evolving bass heavy tangents of electronic dub.

Arm The Poor

Roots. Reggae. Simple.

That’s what Arm the Poor is about. A seven-piece roots, ska, and dub reggae band from Kansas City, Arm the Poor, has brought energy, consciousness, and news across the Midwest. With heavy rhythms and melodies mixed with strong and relevant lyrics, Arm the Poor has forced its way onto the reggae scene. There is no fusion of genres; this band plays strictly reggae music. “It’s about culture,” said singer Torey Logan, “reggae is the times, is the gospel, and is the evening news to the masses.”

Their debut album, Respect, demonstrated a clear separation from mainstream American reggae simply based on romance and pot-smoking. Rather, with tracks like “Bredda X,” “Babylon,” and “Policeman,” Arm the Poor focuses more on politics, religion, and oppression. Arm the Poor has cited Steel Pulse, Alborosie, and Nasio Fontaine as primary influences in their musical style.

Dubbed the finest roots reggae band in the Midwest, Arm the Poor has the potential to appeal to a wide crowd across the nation. With continued motivation and heart-felt energy, Arm the Poor is sure to have an amazing future.



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