Hola x Hi-Five

Hola x Hi-Five

HOLA x HI-FIVE. Built on and pivoting the lowest common denominator. HHF is a 312 thing, Joe. The sonic impetus being HOUSE, bet the farm these gents will quest beyond "genre" parameters. Point Guarded by drummer manuaLs aka Gabe Wallace (Gorillaz, De La Soul, 2NE1, etc) and rounded out by world class Chicago brethren, this squad is all about SWEAT manufacturing. Let the BPMs unleash the lerv within. #holahifive

Gabe Wallace= DRUMS
Junius Paul= BASS
William Kurk= KEYS
+ Special Guests.

Miss Remember

formerly known as treehouse, miss remember is a band striving to simply write good songs. this takes careful time...trials and tribulations. back for a second chapter, the sound has evolved away from previous acoustic roots into a, yet, truer amalgamation of the influences of each member.

jim tashjian - guitar, vocals
leslie beukelman - vocals, guitar
martin stonikas - bass, percussion
pete tashjian - drums, percussion

BQ Holiday Funk Party

bq is a project developed to cure the world of its chronic unfunkiness. The only antidote is a concentrated dose of raw unfiltered Funk, and bq is a Funk delivery system designed to tear the roof off of your mind and put your groove back on the One. The project features Brian Quinn on bass, Gabe Wallace on drums, Ben Hoffmann on keys, Alec Lehrman on guitar, Lucas Ellman on Tenor sax, and TK on alto sax. Together, this collection of Funkaholics will turn your earholes inside out and bring about the refunkification of our nation.



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