COLOR, Walter

'color' is - Culture enriched by music…and that is our goal. Formerly, 'The Mighty Small,' Colorado's band, 'color', is the quintessential (!) five person group for all of Denver's best music digs and personal events. Fortuitously formed in the heart of Denver, 'color' is a manifestation of diverse musical backgrounds, ranging from drum circles in rural Uganda, to classical orchestral performances on big stages around the US. We flavorfully dovetail our sounds into a combination of 'indie-funk-folk-jazz,' that is great for breakin' in your Friday Night Dancin' Shoes. In addition to the pure joy we get from playing music together, we can't resist the tickle of seeing people brought together as the result of our emanating soundomones. In this way, 'color' is – Community. See you soon!

Walter is:

Brian Barrows - drums
Kyle Lysek - bass
Dan Olson - vocals, guitar
Kevin Wolff - guitar

About the Band

Rock Music from a 4-piece. Sometimes it moves you. Other times, it grooves you. It can also cause your ears to ring.


O.T.I.S. consists of a group of friends (Brad Loving, Ken Morris, Kent Story, Steve Delahunty and Bill Hamaker) that started putting together music in 2005 after knowing each other for over 25 years. The groups influences range from Delbert McClinton to Tom Petty, The Beatles, Muddy Waters and even Hair Bands (for the drummer). The music is likely categorized as classic rock, but runs the board with some blues and jazz infusions as well. Snippets of the French horn, trumpet, a mean harmonica as well as 2 and 3 part harmonies make for a nice blend of sound for you to enjoy.

Patrick Hesse

$4.00 - $8.00


Upcoming Events
Herman's Hideaway