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Creepin While Ya Sleepin

VASKI is an American dubstep artist whose remix of Usher's "Climax" is one of the most blogged about tracks of 2012.  With all the buzz about America's take on dubstep and the EDM crossover, Vaski's star has been quickly rising, though he is by no means a flash in the pan.  The young midwestern prodigy is embarking on the wildest year of his career, and Vaski is the name you will hear repeated throughout dubstep and EDM circles on all continents.  Oh, and did we mention he's only 22?  

Influenced by his earlier genre interests like screamo, metalcore, and hip-hop (what most American teens were into at this time), he recombines these to create a style that the press and general public has eaten up.  He began as many EDM youths do, making bedroom beats and figuring out software DIY style.  After gaining confidence with his tools and tracks, Vaski went looking for his break the old fashioned way.  Vaski was going to community college while working as a bank teller when he finally got a reply on MySpace from Rottun Records saying they wanted to release his work.  Ever since then, he's been either on the road or in the studio.   

Starting with this first single, Resonate, each of Vaski's successive releases have enjoyed healthy chart status (all of them have broken the top 10 on BeatPort dubstep, while a few have gone to #1).  His tracks have gotten regular support from headlining household names like Diplo, Rusko, Nero, Kill the Noise, Excision and so on, while his own abilities as a DJ have rivaled some of the aforementioned names.

Vaski's main objective is to make people move.  He has recently incited crowds across three continents and nearly a dozen countries to literally lose control of their bodies.  As a DJ, 2012 finds the artist touring Australia and New Zealand again, with a European tour in the works.  On the production side, Vaski has several things cooking in the pot, including a tough new single, "Insane," with vocalist Ava, who has collaborated with Lupe Fiasco and Bassnectar.  Coming out this summer on Rottun Records.

For a firsthand experience of this talented young voice, keep an eye on his website and his Facebook page for info on releases and tour dates - because clearly, Vaski's just getting started.

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