Dope Body

Dope Body

There’s a positive side to agitation.
Maybe it’s been missing from life until
you witnessed this music. Maybe
there’s no way to understand your
previously unknown needs until you
hear Natural History by Dope Body.
Then you’re fucked and it’s fun, in all
the right ways…syyuh!
Dope Body formed in December-of-
2008-Baltimore as an experiment in
musical instincts, jamming and writing
the simplest one-part/one-riff/
one-minute little jerk-off songs that
were the first thing to come to mind
(most ended up on their first tape “20
Pound Brick”). They then set up a novelty basement show
in this super-small/shitty-dungeon/black-mold basement,
with the Great Intention of trying to stoke primal hardcore
thrash vibes in both the music and audience, which at that
point in time was kind of lacking in Baltimore (mostly danceparty-
Wham City-style absurdist shit). It was a great mess of
an experience with drunken beer flying, shirts tearing, glass
breaking, strings snapping, amps frying, cigarette smoke
asphyxiating… so much fun that a silent acknowledgement
was made: don’t stop doing this, something feels too right
about it. Dope Body strove to play that kind of show over
and over again since then, somehow maintaining a work
ethic, being fairly prolific without the threat of taking themselves
too seriously – iieeeah!
It’s about the freedom of influence
and idea with mutual respect for
internal faults and strengths. Together,
Dope Body is a spasm of
styles and directions, showering
sparks from a half-melted thickness.
Yes, they’re a rock band, but that’s
acknowledged with apprehension
and indifference. To them, they’ve
always been a kind of science-labkitchen
thing where the most offthe-
wall and potentially dumbest
shit they can imagine will sometimes
make good things come out. And
this year, some of those things made
Natural History…b(uh)-gah!
Natural History is Dope Body in possession of what might
be their most COMMERCIALLY ACCESSIBLE album ever –
especially if your idea of “commercially accessible” is Half-
Machine Lips Moves/Psychic, Powerless…/or “Salad Days”-
era punk. It also might not resonate with anyone outside
your home or office or immediate circle. But aren’t those
outsiders the truly uncommercial ones anyway? Listeners,
expect a few WTGDF moments – for sure, we still have those
moments every time we listen to it. Let it in and embrace
the chaos and you will come out changed on the other end
– and for the better this time asshole! IT IS WHAT IT IS. Aht,

Guardian Alien

Guardian Alien is a free wheeling ensemble coming into its own, having found just the right balance between structured arrangements and wild abandon. Helmed by Greg Fox, who has lent his percussive force to the likes of Teeth Mountain, Dan Deacon, and Liturgy, the ensemble was initially an extension of his solo music (GDFX). It rapidly took on its own identity and expanded to a core group of Greg (drums, vocals, electronics, arrangements), Alex Drewchin (vocals, synth), Turner Williams Jr. (shahai baaja), Bernard Gann (guitar and also of Liturgy), and Eli Winograd (bass), all of whom have lent their expansive talents to numerous other projects.

Guardian Alien's Thrill Jockey debut, See the World Given to a One Love Entity, is a 40 minute psychic/psychedelic meditation that is driven by an intensity that is at once expansive, focused, and heavy on multiple levels. The overall arc of the album is transportive and trance inducing. The cover artwork painted by Turner Williams is based on a specific and particularly weird experience of Greg's. It mirrors the music in its open-ended playfulness and true psychedelia.

To say that the music of Guardian Alien is also meant to be an experience is an understatement. Guardian Alien was very much born of the live performance so it is fitting that their first fully conceived album was recorded at Shea Stadium, the band's spiritual home, which is run by Greg's cousin Adam. It was mastered by Heba Kadry at the Lodge (Wooden Shjips, Eternal Tapestry). See the World Given to a One Love Entity is a single composition with a strong, singular vision. It is the culmination of a band coalescing as a group while heedlessly delving into the depths of the psyche driven by their core desire to expand their horizons, both musical and otherwise.

PC Worship

"PC Worship kick it dense and heavy with a damaged crude DIY psych edge that often transcends into totally catchy melodic and repetitive jammers".


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