If neural physics has taught us one thing, it's that together, three female minds form a super brain. In the triad Lovers, Carolyn Berk, Kerby Ferris, and Emily Kingan balance, accentuate, and harmonize their unique talents. With animated honesty and unrelenting humor, Lovers enthusiastically draws an audience into the darkly colorful world of their hearts, where throbbing pop textures and a stead...y electronic pulse transform tender introspections into room-shaking anthems. The result is an expansive sonic landscape of colorful wonder and hope, and an interactive and engaging performance that strives to leave audiences inspired.

Since 2001 songwriter Carolyn Berk has established her unique voice under the Lovers moniker with four acclaimed, haunted, heart-broken releases. The addition of waveform artist Kerby Ferris and multi-talented instrumentalist, Emily Kingan (of the hardcore due, the Haggard) focuses three wildly ambitious and boldly sincere artists on hooky beats and interactive performance. Their first CD release together will be available in September, 2010 on the label, Badman.

Nicole first found solace in her guitar, composing escapist songs with fantastical stories and catchy choruses. Having since teamed up with Dave Ferraro and Ryan Trott, Nicole is a stage veteran. In 2006 they took on the name Air Waves. She has played with many well-known musicians such as Cat Power, Cass McCombs, the Rapture and more. A medley of folk, rock and country, Nicole serves up imagery with such unforgettable melodies that you will catch yourself, hours later, singing about.

"Nicole Schneit is an amazing songwriter. The music she writes is like a favorite blanket wrapped around you. Drummer Dave Ferraro complements her songs well. "Shine On" is my current favorite song by them." Dan Deacon

Ian Mellencamp

Tami Hart

Influenced musically by Kaia Wilson (Team Dresch, the Butchies) and Kurt Cobain, among others, South Carolina's Tami Hart was just a teenager when she released her debut on Wilson's label, the pro-queer and feminist imprint Mr. Lady. No Light in August is a startling debut, too, with Hart sounding like she has an infinitely older soul than is healthy for any 19 year old. On songs like the opening "Drunken Love Song," "You're No Good," and the eerily Nirvana-like "The Kids That Call Us Clowns," Hart's emotionally raw folk-pop is tragically beautiful and engaging as she tells her broken-hearted tales of love, loss, and loneliness.

She is also at the helm of Making Friendz, which incorporates electro and R&B elements into a similar mindset. Their album Social Life was lauded by Culture Brats, who exclaimed, "This is an awesome album."


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