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Ghastly City Sleep

Ancient Sky

Ancient Sky is a psychedelic rock band from Brooklyn, NY started by songwriter Brian Markham and drummer pat Broderick, the band now includes Christian Deroeck on second guitar and Mike Kutchman as producer and bassist. Over the past couple years, ancient sky has toured the states and europe as well as recorded one lp and several other smaller releases. largely influenced by classic psyche and indie rock, the band visits bizarre and far-out worlds with sounds and structures that walk the line between harsh and subtle, making for an interesting mix of heavy, hypnotic rock with plenty of hooks and americana influences. this spring ancient sky will be recording there second full length at kutch 1 studios in greenpoint, brooklyn. future live performances will feature this new material. check em' out!

DON'T is a duo featuring Aaron Lazar (x Giraffes, Rumanian Buck) on guitar / vocals and Mitchell King (x Beat the Devil, RIBS) on drums.



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