Teenage Sweater

Teenage Sweater

Comprised of Mario Armando Ruiz and Michael Paul Delgado, Teenage Sweater takes over where The Girl With The Violent Arms (Ruiz's previous endeavor) left off. Both utilizing multiple synths and samplers, their sound is equal parts danceable and meditative. Sometimes, they are graced with live percussion by Starskate's Shaun Hunter, which makes for an exciting mix of analog and digital beats. Having recently released their sophomore album, they are gearing up to release a proper LP later this year, which will be following some heavy touring.

"Teenage Sweater, the project of California's Mario Ruiz and Connor Alfaro, drapes his programming pad in waterfall-like cascades of synths and reverb-soaked vocals. It's not overwhelming; he doesn't use too many elements at once, and the composition definitely falls into the category of minimal pop. This isn't Niagara, but rather one of those sexy waterfalls people are always photographing swimsuit models under, but the lyrics, about longing for the right person, present the possibility that it could be a waterfall of tears in the mirror. Either way, it's catchy, and the rest of the songs on Teenage Sweater's debut record, Kewl, fall into similar categories." --Impose


The mixture of indie rock songwriting, dreamy lyrics, and heavy elements of rock and pop rhythms has long been a staple in the alt-rock world, and Sunrunners delivers on all counts. A California-based quintet led by singer and primary songwriter Stephen Loase (Low-C), Sunrunners have largely managed to avoid the usual rock clichés, injecting a uniquely rock-influenced sound and laid back San Francisco style.

We are all SUNRUNNERS.

Father President

Father President hails from San Francisco, a seaport city which, because its sailing men bring in the latest hit singles from China, is the hippest pop music spot in America. They wear "butterscotch pudding blast" haircuts that date back to ancient San Francisco, and suits with live yellow jackets nested in the lining which they've made the newest buzz. The trio write, play and sing a powerhouse music filled with orange zest and uninhibited good humor that make listening a sensation-filled joy. It isn't rhythm and blues. It's not exactly rock 'n' roll. If you squint it's not exactly Slayer either. It's their own special sound, or as group manager and respected local pornographer Cluben Val puts it, "our music is just--well, our music.

Firekeeper is an electro folk duo from san francisco, featuring producer and vocalist Becky White and drummer designer Nathan Pundt.



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