Jessica Lea Mayfield

The 23-year old from Kent, Ohio first performed with her family band One Way Rider at the age of 8. At age 15, she recorded her first album White Lies in her brother's bedroom, printing only 100 copies. One of those copies fell into the hands of Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys). After an introduction, Mayfield and Auerbach hit the studio, laying the foundation for her debut album With Blasphemy So Heartfelt. Says Auerbach of the recording experience, “I think she’s dark and moody in a mysterious way.” He adds, “I’m just always really excited to make music with her.”

Mayfield’s second and most recent album, Tell Me, is a stunningly forthright 11-song set that addresses late night longing, serial heartbreak, and intoxicatingly dangerous liaisons conducted in dimly lit barrooms or roadside motels. By the end, the only heart intact is Mayfield’s own. It’s as if she’d stripped the sentimentality and ruefulness from a bunch of classic country songs, leaving only stark emotion. Auerbach also produced and engineered Tell Me at his Easy Eye Sound System studio in Akron, Ohio, matching Mayfield’s candor with eerily minimal, brilliantly constructed tracks that keep her mesmerizing, unadorned voice front and center.

The New York Times hailed the album a Critics’ Pick, while the Associated Press calls Tell Me “the portrait of a precocious girl growing into self-assured womanhood and a producer reaching the peak of his powers. It is a dark and moody album, full of delights throughout, and if it doesn't make Mayfield a star, that too will be heartbreaking.”

Billy Wallace & The Virginia Blues

Wallace has spent the last six years playing in indie / folk band The Wading Girl, as well as touring in Tim Barry's backing band. The Wading Girl has released two full length albums, two EPs and has played all over the country, sharing stages with acts like Smoke or Fire, The Draft, Look Mexico, Tapes 'n Tapes, Bishop Allen, Drag the River, Tim Barry, Austin Lucas, and Josh Small among many others. The Road Spit Me Out is Billy Wallace's debut solo effort and it is well worth the wait. Like a fine whiskey, Wallace's songwriting has aged and fermented into a beautiful blend of ingredients. Backed by a revolving circle of friends tagged The Virginia Blues, Wallace belts out endearing tales of the road and love gone astray. Recorded in different bedrooms and basements between Virginia and Ohio, Wallace's Southern storytelling kicks up its fair share of dust along the way. The Road Spit Me Out breathes a rustic beauty and feels alive with a wandering spirit. Laced with authenticity and honesty, Billy Wallace is a true modern day folk troubadour and The Road Spit Me Out is his captivating story. (Will Miller, Sound as Language/Beartrap PR)

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