Hex Dispensers

Crooked Bangs

The Suspirians

You want noisy, whorling, yipping, wailing garageadelica? Check; “Cicada” will fire you up in a blaze of glory. You want synth-and-trumpet-strafed Krautrock with a free-form aesthetic? Check; “Whatcha Do” might even conjure sweet dreams of vintage Can. You want a dark, brooding, distaff take on classic Doors, complete with a tale of doomed love? Check; “Echo” will haunt your dreams as you replay lines like “She ran away wild/ Barefoot ‘til she bled/ Screaming at God/ And wishing for hell” over and over until you wake in a cold sweat. The entire record, in fact, unfolds like a feverish dream, surreal yet too closely personal for comfort. This is not a group of gals you will want to fuck with.

$5.00 - $7.00

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