The room is quiet.

People are still filing in, shuffling about, getting to their seats. Everyone's watching the stage, waiting to see what comes out of the young guys before them.

Suddenly a soulful, piercing voice strikes through the air. Everyone's stunned. No one expected such a powerhouse of a vocalist from the kind-eyed pianist sitting front and center.

But before anyone has time to reflect, the drums, guitars and horns kick in - and the crowd is movin' and groovin' in their seats. People jump up and start dancing. A few moments ago there was silence. Now there's just fun and music.

That's the Pete Ayres Band. Pop, blues and soul merge to create a sound that's both fresh and timeless. Meaningful lyrics shed insight into love, life and everything in between.

Devyn Rush

American Idol's Devyn Rush

"Your voice is a star." - Jennifer Lopez
"That was delicious." - Steven Tyler
"So unsuspecting. You have just the right amount of sauce in there." - Randy Jackson

Roof Access

Roof Access is an exciting new group of talented, young individuals who have come together to form a band unlike any other performing today. The band is comprised of some of the top young up-and-coming players on the New York music scene and specializes in funk, r&b and hip-hop. They have a repertoire of original music, but are also known to cover classic artists such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Earth wind and Fire. They also cover contemporary artists such as Soulive, Jay-Z and Galactic. It is a band that will get you up dancing and feeling good, no matter what your age or musical interest. Roof Access is 10 piece ensemble, featuring Shelby Sykes on vocals, JJ Kirkpatrick on trumpet, Isaac Kaplan on Trombone, Steve Freider on saxophones, Leo Pellegrino on baritone saxophone, Ted Boasso on guitar, Conun Pappas on keyboards, Chris Talio on bass, Anthony Almonte on Percussion, and Coleman Bartels on drums.



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