Emily Hulslander

Emily Hulslander

Born and raised in central PA, Emily started singing as soon as possible. She took up the violin at age six and still continues to play along with guitar, piano, and a small stint with an alto saxophone. Emily's first musical experiences were participating in rock cover bands from the ages of 13 until she was 18, singing the likes of Nirvana, Incubus, No Doubt, etc. During the last two years of high school she studied guitar at The Uptown Music Collective in her hometown of Williamsport, PA where she participated in recitals and a performance of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon." After moving to Boston in the fall of 2004, she studied Liberal Arts at Fisher College and joined the reggae/ska/rock group The Stolen Records which was a popular group amongst the Boston scene. It was in this group that Emily first developed her stage presence, vocal, performance and writing skills. In January of 2007, she enrolled at Berklee College of Music where she is currently on scholarship studying songwriting and developing her musical voice. She is currently playing shows as a solo artist with a backing band and working on the forthcoming EP "So young so Dumb So in Love" due for release at her graduation in May.


VERONICA is a post punk electronic dark wave synth pop duo from the NYC/Brooklyn area that combines modern technology with 80′s British music. Drawing their influences from underground bands such as The Chameleons UK and Bauhaus to main stream successes like Depeche Mode, The Cure and Pet Shop Boys. Veronica sounds minimalistic subdued with a shot of party your depression away with lines of melancholy,Billy Idol and coffee … lots of it. Blending sampling, drum machines, midi sequencing with live instruments and drowning vocals to create a haunting sound that both hints on the future and reminds you of the past … Veronica’s punk/party ethos is sure to rock you.



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