Formed in 2010, SOLARiS is a 3 piece all-instrumental band that hails from upstate New York. In the short time they've been together as a band, the members of SOLARiS have created a bevy of original compositions that range from electronica to breakbeats, jazz fusion to funk, & much more. Each of these compositions vary in speed, genre and style, but all of them are used as blank slates to showcase the Trio's explosive improv and electronic experimentation. While from show to show many of the songs remain the same, no two SOLARiS shows will ever be alike. The band strives to create new and interesting twists on their material for their constantly evolving live shows; whether it's monster transitions, new improv jams or the occasional recognizable cover, it's safe to say that SOLARiS is an entity that never stops growing and changing.

Galaxy Dynamite

Hailing from Norfolk, Virginia, Galaxy Dynamite has been delivering their larger-than-life signature blend of furious, frenetic, and absolutely relentless heavy bass rock across the East Coast since 2010. This power trio has already made a name for themselves creating seamlessly improvised dreamy soundscapes over hard-hitting passion driven psychedelic electro dance grooves. And with over 325 shows and festivals under their belts, alongside acts such as Ozric Tentacles, Conspirator, Paper Diamond and Papadosio, this is only the beginning…

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Metasequoia is a two piece, original alternative rock band, hailing from Ithaca, NY. The Duo is comprised of Joseph Oppito (Guitar/Vocals) and Brian Semonco (Bass). Their music contains elements of Blues, Reggae, Pop, Punk, Funk, Latin, Jazz, Psychedelic and Electronic among others. Metasequoia's unique sound is an experience not to be missed!

$20.00 - $30.00


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