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Vice Royal

Truant Minds

Truant Minds is an ongoing project, compiled over the years from the musical musings of Toby Powell. It's one of those on-again, off-again personal music adventures that stand the test of time.

There were other bands, yes. Although Truant Minds is his number one girl, Toby's side-project mistresses have included The Agents of Fortune, Chlorine Explosion, The Esquilax and of course, Sludgy Butt and the Bowl Movements.

Truant Minds is created in the spirit of re-examining his best ideas from the past and finding them homes in his current objectives. He's pulled out the mix of folk, punk and rock demos hiding deep within his closet and is using them to help him piece together a series of upcoming CD releases.

Manson Family Jewels

The Manson Family Jewels are a prolific power-trio amalgamating from separate projects.

Surf Jerkz

Kicking back listen to some Dick Dale we thought "Hey nobodies playing the groovy beach tunes the way the legends play them." Let's do it !!". So me (Stevie Bunten), Paul Rainey and Jimmy Bramley set out on our own surfing safari to play the coolest surf tunes we could find. Joining the Surf Jerkz is the very cool and hip in his own way Pat Ferry on Drums also.

$5.00 - $7.00


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