Machete!, Chow Tiger, Nerve Endings, Black Market, The Fill Ins


We got some gear and decided to take it out in public.

Chow Tiger

members of The Smoking Rocks & Burnt Reynolds.

Nerve Endings

Nerve Endings are a garage rock/punk band from Bristol, TN/VA. It consists of members (former or current) of Thee Birds ov Paradise, Helm, and Pizza Flag books. We play drunk, loud, and sloppy and sometimes we tell dick jokes.

Black Market

Four dudes, no rules. The only goal is to be loud and fast. We'll play a show in your kitchen, if you're into that.

The Fill Ins are high-octane, fun and energetic rock n roll; sporting catchy guitar riffs and an unapologetic attitude.
Pulling influences from all corners of the rock spectrum, The Fill Ins have been bringing their brand of rock n roll to the people since 2013 with no plans on slowing down anytime soon.

With the release of their debut album"Hipster Killers" in 2014 (listed in MyGlobalMind Magazine's "Top 10 Best Albums of the Year") and "5th Time's The Charm" in 2015, the group started crafting their sound and finding the elements that worked best with the message they wanted to give; just have some fun. In late 2016, The Fill Ins partnered with No Profit Records to release a split vinyl 7in titled "Hit The Gas", a song the band considers to be the start of a new era of sound and attitude. By 2017 the band had been in the studio recording their new album; "The Time Is Now" gaining the attention of local and national publications and spawning 3 music videos, even partnering up to create an energy drink for musicians (Hate Energy) named after one of the tracks on the record.

The band believes the point of live music is to have an escape from the daily stresses of life and to have some fun with this existence; so turn it up, and get it loud; this is The Fill Ins!

"Holy smokes are you in for a pummeling. Charlotte NC's 'The Fill Ins' return with another dose of full throttle, punk-fuelled, burn-down-the-shithouse rock'n'roll action that will have you declaring your blood-oath allegiance to 'em before it's over!" - Classic Rock Magazine (#242 - "The Time Is Now" review)
"Perhaps the best way to describe The Fill Ins and their sound is simply, high energy rock n roll. They blend sharp riffs with fast pacing, slick guitar solos, and more than a little punk attitude. Essentially, The Fill Ins remind me of a 21st century Ramones, only heavier and faster, and with better guitar solos. After that analogy, you might want to toss in some references to Motorhead as well." - Craig Hartranft (Dangerdog Music Reviews)



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