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Veronica Vasicka

Veronica Vasicka is a photographer, musician, DJ and founder of the epic record label and on-line music resource Minimal Wave. As one of the founding members of East Village Radio, she managed the station during its pirate days and began collecting obscure and long forgotten gems that fell somewhere between the Cold Wave, Post Punk and Minimal Synth genres. Not knowing what to classify these bands as, she coined the genre Minimal Wave and set up the website as an online resource to share her finds with the rest of the world.

The response to the website was huge and shortly after its launch, Veronica began tracking these artists down and re-issuing their work on the Minimal Wave label. Most of these bands recorded extremely limited copies of their work in their basements and shared their work with the world via John Peel's radio show and a handful of underground music mailings. The music released on the label is a stripped down, DIY and purer approach to mainstream synth pop. Never-the-less, fans of New Wave acts, and bands like Kraftwerk, New Order, and Joy Division who are seeking something a bit different or looking to expand upon the familiar genre, will not be disappointed.

In addition to running Minimal Wave, Veronica launched the Cititrax label as way to expose newer synth-based act as well as obscure House and Italo classics. She DJs bi-monthly around New York City and every Sunday night on her East Village Radio show, Minimal Wave.

Xeno and Oaklander

A collective consisting of avant garde Korean noise artist Greem Jellyfish, psych musician/model Angela Chambers, dungeon wizard/tech genius audio engineer Michael Sherburn, and DIY nightlife entrepreneur /DJ John Barclay, they are headquartered at infamous psychedelic/art/techno mansion Trip House in the jungles of Deep Bushwick.

DUST utilizes both vintage hardware (909, 303, Juno 60) and HD cinematic soundscapes to create a heavy, lavish experience.

DUST performed their first live set alongside Gatekeeper, Supreme Cuts, and Teengirl Fantasy at the Dustbowl, a DIY venue in Chicago, and has since performed and/or DJ'ed alongside Light Asylum, Kim Ann Foxman, Phuture, DJ Pierre, Pictureplane and Steve Summers. Also, DUST serves as resident DJs at “Tropical Goth” a monthly party at Bossa Nova Civic Club, which Barclay owns, in Brooklyn.

Void Vision

Silent Em

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