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Battle of the Bands



Formed in 2012, Obsydeon sought out a way to light their own path in the Metal Community by incorporating styles and techniques from all of their influences to give birth to their own sound. From day one, the goal was to conjure a daemon of sonic brilliance and blistering brutality that was not only heavy, dark, and malevolent, but cognitive and coherent as well. No gimmicks. By not compromising or just jumping on a bandwagon of whatever is the ‘newest thing’, or exploiting a played-out ‘trend’. Obsydeon declared a no boundaries approach to writing due to the differences in taste within the band, and embraced a common vision which results in a lovechild of the old and new. From the straight forward and heavy to the theatrical, atmospheric and ambient; their sound is foreboding to say the least. Obsydeon is a Frankenstein, a Jekyll & Hyde of breakneck blastbeats and bass grooves paired with grinding guitars and brutal vocals that are audible and focused, which delivers an eclectically gut-wrenching sonic spectrum that is not for the faint of heart. Pioneering the emerging Gulf Coast Extreme Metal Scene, Obsydeon is based out of the Mobile Bay area and has quickly risen to become the pivotal band to push things further into the world of extreme metal.
Artists We Also Like
D.R.E.A.D., Excessum, Zombie Legion, Farthest Side Down

Bujie and the Highrise

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Bujie and the Highrise is a new extension into the world of modern day reggae influenced music. Mixing classic Dub reggae, Roots reggae, ska, hip hop and Progressive Rock, Bujie and the Highrise brings together an audial and visual effort to absorb your soul, body, and spirit into a circle of unity among all people. We promote a positive atmosphere along with our music. We have just released our first Full-Length Album available for free to download, and you can also purchase a hard copy.

Band Interests
Psychological discussions
World issues
Sound Engineering
Song composition
Making sounds out of weird stuff
Mike Chavez

Artists We Also Like
Mr. Bungle, Slightly Stoopid, Primus, RHCP, CCR, The Memorials, Streetlight Manifesto, Pantera, Snarky Puppy

Southern Redemption

We are an ALL ORIGINAL christian rock band from LaRose/Cutoff /Houma, La. Our EP/CD is coming soon! We are getting ready to ROCK this Bayou! OUR POSITIVE MESSAGE MUSIC IS HOPEFULLY SOMETHING EVERYONE WILL ENJOY!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!
Members are as follows:
Matt Danos - Vocals
Andy Griffin - Guitars
Tray C. Joel - Bass and Keyboards, Vocals
Cyrus Solar - Drums

Starting back in the fall of 2011
Andy and Cyrus got together with Matt after the breakup of their previous original group.
It wasn't long after that they got together,
when they knew that the chemistry was right.
Before they knew it they had six songs and no bass player.
The search was on locally to find the right person,
but had no luck. Untill Andy went on band mix and found Tray C.
The first time they all practiced together was a little shaky,
but after Tray C. got to know the songs everything gelled.
Not even a year later and they already have 12 songs under their belt and are always coming up with more!!
The band was named by Cyrus during a practice.
It fit good because it goes with the positive Christian message that they promote in the lyrics of the songs.
Southern Redemption's music is hard rock to power ballads.
All original music and lyrics.
Currently working on doing their own cd recording,
Southern Redemption is ready to let the world hear their music
and send out a positive Christian message



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