Erika Blatnik, Nicholas and The Human Race, Slow Fences, One Fine Damn Band and Bill Stroupe

Erika Blatnik

folksy artist from Charlotte, NC recently relocated to Pittsburgh, PA

Nicholas and The Human Race

singer/songwriter Nicholas Holman with band featuring members of Via, Candy Jerk, Word Of God, Digger, etc...

Slow Fences

Following a DIY aesthetic, Sleigh started recording his lo-fi melodies on a Tascam 4-track recorder as cassette-only releases while living in Knoxville, TN in the mid 90's. He began releasing his newer albums on CD starting with 2001's 'The Microphone Riots' and has self-released 5 full length albums since. His latest, 'Wearing Out The Spring' (released November 13, 2012) was recorded at his home studio (Microphone Riots) now located in Charlotte, NC. It was mixed by the venerable Craig Schumacher (Wavelab Studios in Tucson, AZ) whom he had formed a relationship with while recording in other Phoenix-based bands.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Sleigh has recorded and performed in a number of bands including: Rum Tenor (Phoenix, AZ), ...And Guppies Eat Their Young/Tierra Del Fuego (Tempe, AZ), Juarez (Tempe, AZ), Campo Bravo (San Francisco, CA), Elvin (Chicago, IL), Sunshone Still (Columbia, SC), Elonzo (Charlotte, NC), The Old Invention (Charlotte, NC), The Adulterers (Charlotte, NC) and The Loudermilks (Charlotte, NC).

Over time, Sleigh's albums have evolved from stripped-down solo affairs to him welcoming a growing and rotating cast of musicians with each new release. Sleigh is currently playing with drummer Ian Willers (Royal Trux) as the 'Slow Fences'. They are gearing up for more local/regional shows and working on a 6th studio album.

One Fine Damn Band and Bill Stroupe

Bitching and Moaning in Your Beer... with accompaniment from Isaac Stroupe (mandolin), Ian Morgan Stroupe (upright-bass) & Geoff 'Geoffreaux' White (fiddle)



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